Irish lecturer's throat slit in fatal attack by expelled student outside private university in Paris

A 37-year-old man of Pakistani origin was arrested for the attack, which is being investigated for being an act of revenge

                            Irish lecturer's throat slit in fatal attack by expelled student outside private university in Paris

An Irishman working as an English lecturer in a private university in Paris was stabbed to death in what is being considered a possible act of revenge by one of his ex-students.

Sixty six-year-old John Dowling was murdered on Wednesday by an expelled student of Leonardo De Vinci private university located in the western La Defense business district, it has been reported.

"The victim was stabbed repeatedly after heading out of the college to go for lunch," said an investigating source. "At least one of the cuts was to his throat, and he died on the scene. A 37-year-old man was arrested at the scene and remains in custody."


It is being said that the suspected killer, whose name has not been revealed, is a Pakistani national, who was expelled from the university in the summer of 2017 after failing to get through the academic year. He had been living in the area for the past one year and had been in touch with people running the college, reports said.

A spokesperson from the university, Sebastian Tran, said a possible act of revenge was being investigated by the police.

According to Tran, the suspected murderer "had a normal schooling in the first semester, but in the second semester, he did not pass his year and he was therefore excluded in August 2017."


Tran also mentioned that the university was not fully aware if there had been any "particular threat" from the former student. Pascal Brouaye, the head of the university, further revealed that Dowling had been on the verge of retirement, adding: "It's a tragedy that affects the entire community. He was a language teacher who had been here for 20 years and he was appreciated by everyone."

Speaking on the same matter, Frederique Vidal, France’s Higher Education Minister, said: "There is emotion and indignation as a professor has just been murdered at the Leonardo De Vinci university. We need to find out the circumstances surrounding his death during the investigation being conducted by the judicial police."


Meanwhile, the Emerald Cultural Institute in Dublin, where Dowling taught previously, paid tributes to him.

“It is with deep sadness that we have learnt of the death of our beloved friend and colleague John Dowling. We will all miss him more than words can say,” a post on the Institute's Facebook page read.