"Turning down so. Many. Sides. Of Fries. Wasn't worth it!": Ireland Baldwin opens up about her battle with anorexia

Ireladn Baldwin took to soicla media and bracerly opened up about her fight with anorexia in a series of pictures.

                            "Turning down so. Many. Sides. Of Fries. Wasn't worth it!": Ireland Baldwin opens up about her battle with anorexia

Ireland Baldwin took to Instagram on Thursday (August 23) and opened up about her battle with anorexia. Posting a series of pictures on her account, Ireland revealed that for a long time she struggled with the eating disorder. 

She captioned one photo of herself, "Anorexia throwback." Following the picture, Ireland explained how she would "eat a meal or more like a bite and have to run to the nearest bathroom or find digestive pills or run until I couldn't feel my legs right before bed". Ireland noted that she was pushed towards these unhealthy eating habits after she came across negative comments about her body on social media. She further added that it affected her more than it should have. 

"Anytime anyone told me I was too tall or too fat to have done a job, I would run on a treadmill for the entire duration of at least three episodes of Friday Night Lights," she wrote, as reported by E! News. "I battled with many eating disorders and body issues as a younger girl and it took me a long time to find self-love and acceptance."

Now that Ireland has overcome her eating disorder, she wants people to understand that "all of that pain and destruction I inflicted on myself wasn't worth it. Turning down so. Many. Sides. Of Fries. Wasn't worth it!"

Ireland advised people to remember to "Love yourself! You are beautiful! Enjoy your food." While Ireland might have had days when she did not like her body, things have changed and she has made that very clear to all the body-shamers.  In 2017, she told trolls, "This is who I am, take it or leave. I am not going to be body shamed for being pale or not stick thin. I'm not going to spend hours photoshopping my authenticity away."

Ireland further reflected on how she has come a long way. "Most days I'm self-conscious, but today I love every curve and edge. Your body should be treated with the dignity and respect it deserves," she noted. She also noted that she is "forever on a journey of finding my better self and I will continue to work as hard as I can to make MYSELF proud." Needless to say, her parents are always proud of her. 

However, her father Alec Baldwin might not be comfortable with his daughter sharing racy pictures of herself on social media. Recently, the 22-year-old model shared a picture in which she leaned forward on top of a motorcycle while wearing a black bikini. Ireland captioned her picture as "Stay extra".  The 60-year-old actor was quick to comment, as he wrote, "No. Just… No." While Alec may not appreciate the picture, Ireland sure is proud of her curves. 

Ireland also took to Instagram to show off her new rose tattoo. flaunted a huge new red rose tattoo on her right hip. "Summertime," she captioned the picture with a knife, rose and a heart emoji. At the same time, she updated her fans on where they could buy the cheeseburger print bikini bottoms she sported in the picture. "Cheeseburger underwear you can get at Target," she wrote.