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Why did Ireland Baldwin delete posts defending Travis Scott? Model's response slammed

Baldwin calls tragedy as Astroworld 'not Scott's fault' and says 'do research before spewing cancel culture b------t' before deleting it
A sign outside showing Astroworld is canceled (Alex Bierens de Haan/Getty Images) with an insert of Ireland Baldwin (@irelandbasingerbaldwin/Instagram)
A sign outside showing Astroworld is canceled (Alex Bierens de Haan/Getty Images) with an insert of Ireland Baldwin (@irelandbasingerbaldwin/Instagram)

Model Ireland Baldwin has once again found herself at the center of a major controversy, thanks to her response to the tragedy at Astroworld. In a now-deleted Instagram Story, Baldwin refused to blame Scott or the organizers for the incident and called the videos spreading on social media "misinformation". She quickly took them down, but screenshots found their way online and led to a barrage of hate at the model.

The model went viral on Halloween for her "tone deaf" costume with boyfriend RAC, where the duo was seen with fake blood just weeks after her dad accidentally shot Halyna Hutchins. Otherwise, she's been making waves repeatedly for her Instagram photos, which frequently leave little to the imagination. Unfortunately for Ireland, that very Instagram account now came under attack, for a rather controversial take on the Astroworld stampede.


Astroworld: Travis Scott defends playing on, says ‘did not understand severity’ of stampede

Seanna Faith: Astroworld crew DID NOT stop concert even after woman alerted them about stampede

As we have extensively reported, Travis Scott and the organizers are now facing a lawsuit as a result of the stampede that killed at least eight. Right now, there are a lot of photos and videos documenting the incident, so it's unclear what exactly happened. One video shows a woman attempting to warn the cameraman, while Scott plays on apparently unaware. More videos show people dancing on ambulances, indicating things were indeed very chaotic. On top of that, we now have Ireland's rather controversial take.


'Y'all are really killing me these days'

That's how Ireland began her story. She then went on to say, "First, you were armory/ stunt coordination pros when it came to the horrific tragedy involving my dad... and now Travis Scott is demonic because he ALLOWED people to die at his show?" Ireland did offer some sympathy for the victims, saying, "I am heartbroken for the families who lost a loved one. Everyone should feel safe when they're going to enjoy live music." 

She followed that up by saying, "But it's not Travis Scott's fault. Any actual musician would validate that you can't see or hear anyone up there. Especially when wearing in-ear monitors." She also called the hate towards Scott "cancel culture b------t." Along with that, Baldwin also put up a story with a link to donate to the funeral costs of the victims. The story got slammed because as we said, it appears there were rather visible attempts to draw Scott's attention towards the stampede.

A screenshot of Ireland Baldwin's response to the Astroworld stampede. (Twitter)

The woman, identified as Seanna Faith, can be seen approaching the camera crew on stage, in full view of everyone below. She was followed by another man, both of whom attempted to draw attention to the situation below, but the crews forced them off the stage. In Instagram Stories, Scott also seemed to acknowledge he was aware of stamped but didn't stop because he didn't "understand the severity of the situation."

It seems Ireland didn't get the news before she put out the story. So naturally, the internet was furious with her. She quickly took down that story and replaced it with another one saying, "Deleted my posts for one reason people on the internet are scary and so misinformed. All that matters are the families of those who died in the Astroworld tragedy. My heart breaks for them. The point I was trying to make was stop rage-blaming. Make informed opinions and posts. So many people are at fault. Not just one person."