Iranian father bludgeons 22-year-old daughter to death for coming home late, proudly boasts of honor killing

Rayhaneh bled for almost 24 hours and died only two hours before authorities found her body

                            Iranian father bludgeons 22-year-old daughter to death for coming home late, proudly boasts of honor killing
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Iran witnessed its third honor killing in a month after a father killed his 22-year-old daughter to death because she arrived home late, reports state. The man allegedly hit his daughter Reyhaneh Ameri, from Kerman, repeatedly with an iron bar after she arrived home late the previous evening. The woman sustained multiple injuries and survived for nearly 24 hours before bleeding to death.

Reyhaneh reportedly arrived at her parent's home at 11.30 pm on Sunday, June 14, which made her father furious and he launched a violent assault against her.

According to the 22-year-old's sister, she went to visit her parent's house the next morning between 8.30 am and 9.00 am but nobody answered when she knocked. She let herself in and found the house in chaos. She, however, waited for her parents to return. It is believed that her father arrived first but fled after sensing his daughter's suspicion. Her mother shortly arrived at the scene and when the pair entered the victim's room, they found her blood-soaked clothing and splatters of blood up the walls.

Authorities were alerted by the pair and when the police arrived, they found traces of blood leading to the father's car. They tracked his cellphone to a nearby village and arrested him when he returned. The father, who has not been identified, denied having knowledge of Reyhaneh's whereabouts. A hunt was launched by police to find the 22-year-old and later that night, her father allegedly "proudly" confessed the murder, according to the Daily Mail. 

He reportedly took the officers to an open area where he had dumped his daughter. According to the Iran Human Rights monitor, despite the brutal attack Rayhaneh was alive all this while and died only two hours before authorities found her body. It was reported that Rayhaneh's father had previously told his wife that he would kill his daughter and had even attempted to do so in 2017.

The news comes days after 19-year-old Fatemeh Barihi was allegedly beheaded by her jilted husband and a 13-year-old Romina Ashrafi was attacked and killed with a sickle by her father.

Fatemeh was beheaded by her husband after she ran away just two days after being forced into a marriage with him. The 23-year-old man, who has not been identified, reportedly surrendered at the Valiasr police station in Abadan, southwestern Iran. He was holding a bloody knife at the time of his surrender. He told officials that he killed his wife because of her "infidelity" and had left her decapitated body by the Bahar 56 area next to the Bahmanshir River, according to Iran International TV. 

Sadeq Saba, Editor of Iran International, had commented on the incident, saying that the murder "demonstrates that there are not enough protections in place for women across Iran."

Similarly, a 13-year-old Iranian girl was beheaded in the end of May by her father while she was sleeping. The incident was deemed an honor killing as the father murdered the child because she had planned to run away with an older man she had fallen in love with. The teen had initially fled her family home once with 34-year-old Bahamn Khavari after her father had expressed outrage at their plans to get married.

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