Iowa man dies of heart attack after saving five-year-old daughter from dog that bit the child's face

Iowa man dies of heart attack after saving five-year-old daughter from dog that bit the child's face

A 33-year-old Iowa man has died of a heart attack after he saved his five-year-old daughter from a dog that attacked her outside an Iowa home. Robert Joseph Quick reportedly wasted no time in protecting his daughter from a large male boxer. 

According to a GoFundMe page which was set up by Quick's friend, Quick had a heart attack at the scene by the time the paramedics got to him. Lee County Sheriff Stacy Weber revealed that Quick, who is from Dallas City, was one among three people who were attacked by the "aggressive" dog outside a Fort Madison home on Friday, May 31. Weber added that officers had to shoot the large dog as it would not release a 49-year-old man who was pinned on his back in the front yard. 

Robert Joseph Quick died of a heart attack after saving his daughter from a dog attack (Source: GoFundMe)

The victim had suffered from superficial wounds and also stress related cardiac emergency. The first responders to the scene discovered Quick wounded and lying in the home's doorway. He had multiple bite wounds on his legs and arms. Weber shared how Quick asked the medics to first help his daughter who had been bitten on the face before attending to him. 

Weber shared that Quick had "undoubtedly saved her life by his actions". All three of the victims were rushed to the Fort Madison Community Hospital where Quick was declared dead. Weber did not reveal what actions Quick had taken nor did she give the names of the child or the other man involved in the attack. The family's GoFundMe account was set up to help with Quick's medical expenses. 

Robert Quick suffered from a heart attack which was probably due to stress (Source: GoFundMe)

The GoFundMe page read, "Robert Joseph Quick was attacked by a dog while protecting his little girl from the dog. He had a heart attack at the scene of the accident by the time the EMTs got to him. They could not revive him. The family needs help with funeral expenses. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated." It is currently unclear what caused the attack and authorities are still looking into the matter. 

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