5 most outlandish Spider-people who could appear in ‘Into the Spider-Verse’

5 most outlandish Spider-people who could appear in ‘Into the Spider-Verse’

‘Into the Spider-Verse’ has been confirmed for a sequel, and everyone is wondering who’s in it. We already have one of the characters whose appearance is confirmed, but the possibilities are still wide open. The first movie took everyone by surprise with its choices — while some, like Spider-Gwen or Miles Morales seemed obvious, the movie included a talking, cartoon pig, a girl with a psychic link to a spider-bot, and a man who sees the world in black and white — literally. The movie proved that there’s no limit to Spider-heroes they will include, so who are some of the most outlandish characters who could appear in the sequel? 

1. Spiders-Man

Peter Parker, Spiders-Man (Marvel Comics)

Sometimes, when a freakish accident is responsible for giving you superpowers, not everything goes right, as the Peter of Earth-11680 found out to his peril. Caught in an accident at Horizon Labs, a young Peter Parker was devoured by an entire colony of radioactive spiders. The radioactivity caused the spiders to absorb Peter’s consciousness whole, however, and now Spider-Man is a colony of spiders who collectively think they are Peter Parker. It doesn’t get creepier than that. 

2. Spider-Ma'am

May Parker, Spider-Ma'am (Marvel Comics)

Your friendly neighborhood aunt. On Earth-3123, it’s Aunt May, and not Peter Parker, who gets bit by a radioactive spider. This version of Aunt May managed to keep Uncle Ben alive, and works with her husband and nephew to fight crime as Team Spider-Ma’am. It’s wholesome, family spider-fun that at least deserves its own sitcom if not a movie appearance. 

3. Spider-Guin

Penguin Stacy, Spider-Gwen (Marvel Comics)

We’ve seen Peter Porker, Spider-Ham, but it’s time for Gwen Stacy’s animal counterpart to step into the limelight. Penguin Stacy of Earth-8311 is a penguin granted the powers of a spider, using her powers to fight crime and play drums. Spider-Ham was an onscreen success — why stop at just one animal-themed character with a terrible pun for a name? 


4. The Web Slinger

Peter Parker, the Web Slinger (Marvel Comics)

Saddle up, partners. It’s time to meet the Web Slinger, the cowboy Spider-Man of Earth-31913. The Web-Slinger patrols a version of the Marvel Universe that’s set in the old West, and sports a pair of pistols that shoot out webs instead of bullets. You get two for the price of one with this character, as the Web Slinger’s horse is also powered, and wears his own Spider-Man themed mask. 

5. Comic Book Spider-Man

Peter Parker, the Amazing Spider-Man (Marvel Comics)

‘Into the Spider-Verse’ did things with animation that have never before been seen on-screen, and giving audiences the best look yet at what it would be like to see a comic book come to life. It also brought a different animation style to each universe’s hero. The ultimate challenge? Bring in the actual character straight out of the comic books. It could really challenge itself by bringing organizing a crossover with the comics — have Spider-Man disappear into a portal in an issue released the week before the movie comes out, and next appear in the movie itself. Trap him in static images and panel borders. Have speech bubbles hover around his head. If any movie could pull it off, it would be ‘Into the Spider-Verse’ — and there’s no better way to bridge the divide between comic book fans and those who just watch the movies.

‘Into the Spider-Verse’ releases April 8, 2022


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