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#EPICFAIL: Kanye West begins Parler journey with major goof-up as app doxxes 100s of VIP members

An e-mail revealed the contact information of conservative stars such as Eric and Ivanka Trump, Kimberly Guilfoyle, among others
Internet trolls Parler and Kanye West after the app sents out an e-mail announcing the acquisition exposing 100s of VIP contact information (Pascal Le Segretain, Hollie Adams/Getty Images - )
Internet trolls Parler and Kanye West after the app sents out an e-mail announcing the acquisition exposing 100s of VIP contact information (Pascal Le Segretain, Hollie Adams/Getty Images - )

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE: Rapper Kanye West has begun his Parler on a major goof-up. Kanye's acquisition of the free-speech app popular amongst conservatives came on Tuesday, October, 18, as he shook hands with Parler CEO George Farmer, who is husband of conservative firebrand Candace Owens. West has been in the news for his anti-Semitic remarks and his powerful interview with Piers Morgan where he called President Joe Biden a 'retard' for not taking advice from Elon Musk. The app, however, made a big blunder while announcing the news as it mistakenly shared the e-mail addresses of several VIP members of the platform.

Parler, a microblogging platform, announced its acquisition by the 45-year-old rapper via an e-mail and ended up neglecting the blind-CC email addresses and revealed the contact information of at least 10 lawmakers and conservative stars such as Eric and Ivanka Trump, Kimberly Guilfoyle among others. Charlie Kirk, Jack Posobiec, Dan Bongino, and Candace Owens, were also a victim of this move. The explosive news comes after West was banned from Twitter. A Twitter account shared the image of the e-mail exposing the situation, "Yesterday Parler put out an email about Kayne West buying the social media site out. Parler forgot to BCC all of the accounts. Every verified account got doxxed. What an incredible move from this failing right wing site."


Kanye West to buy right-wing platform Parler, Internet says 'that is bad for every one of us'

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As per Daily Mail, the COO of the company Josh Levine sent a follow-up apology that read, "Earlier today, we shared with you news about Ye’s intent to purchase Parler. In the excitement, we inadvertently included your email address in the CC field instead of the BCC field. To say we’re highly embarrassed is an understatement." George Farmer, in an initial announcement of the deal said, "This deal will change the world, and change the way the world thinks about free speech. Ye is making a groundbreaking move into the free speech media space and will never have to fear being removed from social media again. Once again, Ye proves that he is one step ahead of the legacy media narrative. Parlement will be honored to help him achieve his goals." The Internet, however, took no time in dragging the company and Kanye West over this blunder. 


Internet blasts Parler and Kanye West over the e-mail blunder

One user wrote, "Word has it that Parler's owners announced Kanye West's purchase of the platform to its subscribers via CC'd - as distinct from BCC'd - mass email which is to say, they just doxxed their own user base. You can’t make this shit up." Another user tweeted, "You can't make this shit up Parler sent out a mass email to their entire userbase advising them that Kanye had bought it, WITHOUT BCC'ING THEM How the hell?????!!! The entire list of email addresses is visible #EPICFAIL".



One user trolled the app and West saying, "Candice Owens’ husband is CEO of Parler. Kanye West is purchasing Parler. Parler emailed their users of purchase. Parler forgot to BCC the email addresses and CCed them instead. All Parler users now have their entire email list of addresses. This is starting so well." Another tweeted, "I got an email this morning from Parler saying Kanye was buying them out I also got the email addresses of a whole bunch of VIP's that they forgot to bcc lol Thanks for the free VIP email list, and congrats guys!"



One user said, "Parler was jubilant about Kanye West buying it. Then the problems started. An email to so-called VIPs for the site raised a couple questions; among them: Do the VIPs know that they’re VIPs?" Another user tweeted, "Kanye West is buying Parler. The current owners (Candace Owen being one of them) sent an email to all of their users to inform them. In the email, they CC’d their verified users rather than BCC. They just doxxed their entire user base. Das Blinkenlichtnacht continues."



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