Internet is tripping over picture of ESPN’s Mike Greenberg eating wings with knife and fork

Greenberg's wife outed the man in a post eating wings with silverware and the jokes on Twitter doesn't seem to end

                            Internet is tripping over picture of ESPN’s Mike Greenberg eating wings with knife and fork
ESPN’s Mike Greenberg (Photo by Stacy Greenberg/Twitter)

The internet is roasting ESPN’s Mike Greenberg after he was outed by his wife for eating chicken wings with knife and fork. Ahead of Super Bowl LVI between the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams, Twitter was suddenly flooded with memes on the show host.
Back in 2020, the 54-year-old television anchor admitted to his habit of using a fork and knife for eating almost everything but Twitter users still didn’t see that coming. “I eat everything with a knife and fork, literally everything. You name it, I eat it with a knife and fork. The answer is yes — right now, wherever you are, if you’re screaming out options at me, the answer is yes. I eat pizza with a knife and fork, I eat wings with a knife and fork, I eat sandwiches with a knife and fork, I eat everything — hamburgers, with a knife and fork.” said Greenberg.


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Apparently, fans didn’t think Greenberg’s “literally everything” covered silverware for chicken wings. Mike’s wife Stacy Greenberg was the patient zero of this fast-growing meme chain, who posted the picture of him eating chicken wings using a fork and knife 9 hours ago today with the caption “How it started. How it’s going.”


To which American former professional basketball player Kendrick Perkins wrote “Hold up! Is Greeny actually eating wings with a damn fork and knife?”. Darren Stoltzfus, sports director for WESH also quoted the picture and tweeted “Who knew there was a wrong way to eat wings”.


While many Twitter users are now coming up with their own versions of the pun, Stacy’s post received some hilarious responses, one user wrote “You’re trying to get blocked Greeny. This is savage behaviour”. “I think you should be suspended from ESPN for five episodes just for using a fork in the knife in this picture,” joked another.

A Twitter user also wrote “Greeny, Greeny, Greeny…after all those years with @golic, you had finally started developing some street cred. And you just threw all that cred away with one photo…quicker than the @nyjets throw their season away each year! Wings with a knife and fork. What were you thinking?”






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