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'Inside the World's Toughest Prisons': Man who killed his 4 children says an evil spirit made him do it

Raphael Rowe was in for a rude shock when Lesotho inmate said that he killed his children but isn't guilty because he's deluded
Raphael Rowe, Angelo (Netflix)
Raphael Rowe, Angelo (Netflix)

Netflix's docuseries 'Inside the World's Toughest Prisons' documents the workings of some of the dangerous prisons around the world. Host Raphael Rowe volunteered to stay in some of these facilities to better understand the ambiance, lapses in administration and the overall vibe of it. In episode four, he is in Lesotho exploring its in-shambles prison where 50% of the convicts are in for sexual crimes. What's worse is that some don't regret doing them. 

While rape and attempted rape are commonplace crimes for which some of the inmates have been incarcerated, there are many who have been charged with murder. Angelo is one of them. His story is purely sinister and as he shares what got him behind bars, Raphael squirms with disgust. 

Angelo and his wife had consumed traditional medicine, which resulted in them seeing visions of a successful business, brighter tomorrow. But it also led them to murder their own four children. Two were knifed to death, while the other two were killed using medicines the couple used to consume.

Even though Angelo said his heart sinks every time he remembers his dead children, Raphael has no empathy for the convict. He is shocked beyond belief and cannot process that a father would do that to his own children. Angelo defended himself saying that it was the evil spirit, the medicines that made him and his wife do things, and therefore, he doesn't consider himself guilty. 

The findings of Raphael's stay were raw and brutal. He realized that there exists leniency for convicts who are seemingly deluded by witchcraft. But, is that fair? There's no way to be sure that the accused is not lying. 

But that's not all that got Raphael thinking. As mentioned earlier, this Lesotho prison houses criminals who are in for sexual offenses. Raphael was surprised that anyone he would stop to talk with would turn out to be a sexual offender. Clearly, this was not a good look for the kingdom of Lesotho but things are changing slowly and surely.

Up until a few years ago, there were laws in the institution that would allow men to treat women as their property and it was expected of females to remain submissive in a marriage. However, the laws have changed and more women are coming out to report sexual crimes, which is refreshing because earlier they would simply be scared. 

In a nutshell, the Lesotho prison houses deadliest criminals with no remorse. But, there are some who continue to live in their own shell and are oblivious to the seriousness of the crimes they have committed. 

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