'Ink Master: Turf War': Jerrel slammed for having his friend Frank eliminated, fans say it was 'messed up'

Frank Ready was taken aback when Jerrel Larkins decided to push him over the edge by giving him a tough portrait to work on

                            'Ink Master: Turf War': Jerrel slammed for having his friend Frank eliminated, fans say it was 'messed up'
Frank, Jerrel (Paramount)

'Ink Master: Turf War' returned for an all-new competitive episode on March 31 that pushed the contestants to their limits. They were tested on precision and shading in both the rounds. 

Much like every week this time too, the tasks were interesting and really got the artists to give their best shot. The flash challenge was all about creating a piece of art using staples. This had everyone baffled because that would require them to be very accurate with the color and shape of the staples. 

Once done, the tattoo artists moved on to another tricky challenge that had them inking senior citizens' portraits on canvases. This meant, a lot of wrinkles had to be tattooed, and therefore, lines become important. However, the contestants were able to pull off the challenge with ease, or at least they thought they did. 

While the contestants prepared their sketches, judge Oliver Peck shared that it would be really tough for artists to stick around in the competition if they failed to be precise and didn't get their highlights right. "You have to know what details to highlight, what details to let be subtle because you don't want to make them look older than they are, you don't want to make them look younger than they are. These are hard portraits to do," he pointed out.

Frank Ready had it all planned out. He was inking his canvas' grandmother, who had a full head of black hair, which was tricky because he would then have to find a balance between it looking like what's it like in the photo and a "solid mass of black sludge."

Hiram Casas, on the other hand, had a trying time getting his details right because his canvas's skin had turned red and dark. At one point, he was working blind hoping that the redness would settle down and he would get to work on it as he had hoped to.

(L-R) Frank and Hiram's tattoos (Paramount)

Meanwhile, Frank and Oliver were taken aback when Jerrel Larkins (who won the flash challenge and got to pick the elimination round canvases for the rest of the contestants) decided to push Frank over the edge by giving him a tough portrait to work on. Oliver even asked what Jerrel had been up to because it didn't seem like he was being a friend to Frank. 

Fans too are furious that Frank had to go and that too because Jerrel turned against him. 

"Way to go, Jerrel. One of the ONLY people there who would’ve had your back, and you sent him home. Nice one. #InkMaster," a fan shared, while another wrote: "I don't have words for how messed up that was. I hope Kelly and Jimmy go after him hard now."

"To me, low blows like that feel cowardly. If you were really secure in your art, you wouldn’t feel the need to fuck over the people who have YOUR back. It’s one thing when there are no teams, no alliances. But he’s got people who’d look out for him, and he spat in their face," a viewer pointed out.

"It’s a selfish world and jerrel showed that," another fan expressed.

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