'Ink Master: Turf War' Season 13: Line tattoo gets Angel a pardon and fans call it the best decision

It was Angel Roses' own tattoo that got her the pardon and saved her tonight, and fans couldn't be happier

                            'Ink Master: Turf War' Season 13: Line tattoo gets Angel a pardon and fans call it the best decision
Angel Rose (Paramount)

All claws were out this week in 'Ink Master: Turf War' when the series returned for an all-new competitive challenge. 

Tonight on Season 13 of 'Ink Master: Turf War', we got to see the team members call each other out. For this week's challenge, the contestants had to work alone and push themselves to the limit. They had to start off by designing a line tattoo for another contestant that was later compared to their own rendition of the same tattoo. The artists had to get as creative as they could. 

While most of the artists seemed to have impressed the judges with both the line tattoos, Jimmy, Frank and Angel Rose failed to do so. Bob aced both the tattoos he did and got praised by all three judges for it. We also got to see Kelly present his best work of the season yet. 

While Angel got a tattoo that was perfectly suitable for her, she managed to mess it up by adding her own touch to it. But she redeemed herself when she recreated her own tattoo that she designed. Jimmy and Frank were in the bottom three along with Angel this week. 

Though we might've assumed that Frank would be the one going home because of him being in danger prior. But in the end, it was Angel who got the boot. This was the biggest surprise because she is one of the best artists this season. 

But right when we think her time in the tattoo studio was done, Oliver Peck enters and grants Angel a pardon. It was her own tattoo that saved her tonight, and fans couldn't be happier. Taking to Twitter, fans rejoice and affirm they are rooting for the artist to make it further in the competition.


"So happy that Angel got a second chance!!! Been rooting for her since the beginning. #InkMaster," a fan wrote. Adding to that another said, "#InkMaster Angel’s tattoo sent her home, but her drawing saved her. And that is a solid decision. THAT is how a pardon should be used." 

"Omg I was about to lose my mind when they said Angel doesn’t have what it takes ... that was the best pardon this season @inkmaster #inkmaster," a fan shared while another wrote, "I KNEW ANGEL WOULD BE PARDONED!! YES!! Though I still love Jimmy Snaz for representing the East Coast. #InkMaster." 

"I agree with this elimination. The yellow in this animal was terrible, and she really screwed up the lady face. However...I also agree with the pardon. Angel deserves another chance. #InkMaster," a fan wrote. Another said, "I'm glad Angel was saved. She deserves to stay! #Inkmaster." 

"I knew Angel was going to get a pardon. Even though she's not my fave, I do think she deserved the pardon #InkMaster," a fan wrote. 

Do you stan with Oliver's pardon? Let us know in the comments below. 

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