Who is Erika Wheaton? TikToker's strapless gold gown deemed INAPPROPRIATE for wedding

Who is Erika Wheaton? TikToker's strapless gold gown deemed INAPPROPRIATE for wedding
Influencer Erika Wheaton put a video of the gown on TikTok (Erika Wheaton/TikTok)

Influencer Erika Wheaton's choice of clothing at a wedding has lately been the talk of the internet. Wheaton's strapless champagne-coloured dress was criticized by many when she posted a video of herself on TikTok. The video showed her and her partner posing before heading to New York for a wedding. In the five-second clip, she was flaunting her strapless gold satin dress made by Bec + Bridge.
Despite the short length of the video, it received over 250,000 views. The comment section was filled with debaters arguing whether the outfit was proper for a wedding. Some believed the 25-year-old was attempting to steal the bride's spotlight with the provocative outfit and that the hue of the gown was too similar to a white wedding dress. Others thought there was nothing wrong to wear the dress to the wedding.



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A user remarked in contempt that even though Wheaton's gown was golden in colour, it would seem white in photographs. Another commented, "Ur lucky the bride was so relaxed abt it, I’d crack." "As a southern woman I WOULD NEVER my grandma would clutch her pearls. Way to close to white and bridal for a wedding," a woman wrote.
While some bashed Wheaton, others stood up for her. A user, who happened to be a bridal stylist, laughed about the fact that people were thinking that Wheaton's dress was white. Another commented, "Nothing about this dress screams ‘look at me'. The dress is clearly champagne tf. Her man has on a white shirt."
In an interview with News.com.au, Wheaton said that she chose this dress because it was "simple, elegant and timeless". She defended herself saying, "Never did I ever think this dress was inappropriate for a wedding. I could not imagine wearing a white dress on someone else’s day and this dress, simply, is not white."



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In her defence, Wheaton later posted another TikTok video which clearly showed that the dress she wore had been photographed as gold. The video hit over 1.4 million views. Users responded to this video, calling out people for being dramatic over such a small thing.

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