24-day-old infant dies from 8-inch fracture on his skull after being thrown around room by mother and her former lover

30-year-old Roxanne Davis and 24-year-old Samuel Davies were each sentenced to ten years for the death of her son Stanley Davis who 'was in pain for much of his short life'

                            24-day-old infant dies from 8-inch fracture on his skull after being thrown around room by mother and her former lover

A mother and her former boyfriend have been sentenced to 10 years behind bars for the "brutal" death of her 24-day-old baby boy who suffered a fractured skull and brain hemorrhage. 30-year-old Roxanne Davis and 24-year-old Samuel Davies were each sentenced to ten years for the death of her son, Stanley Davis. The infant died in the hospital on March 28, 2017, after he suffered from "horrific injuries" that included an c which led to his death.

The Daily Mail reported that the child had also been admitted to the Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth on three different occasions for 32 rib fractures and nine more fractures to his arms and legs. Davis and Davies both smoked marijuana and cocaine. They tried to cover up the infant's injuries, which experts say could have been caused by shaking him or throwing him across the room.

Roxanne Davis (Source: Hampshire Police)
Roxanne Davis (Source: Hampshire Police)

While sentencing the former couple, the judge said that the baby "was in pain for much of his short life" and that he had suffered a "brutal" attack in which he was viciously shaken. The judge also said that Davis was more upset with herself than the loss of her son whom she "treated as little more than a fashion accessory".

The authorities were called to the couple's apartment only 17 days before the infant died, when he was only a week old, after the neighbors reported that the two of them had been shouting. A court heard on December 7 that a bruise found behind Stanley's right ear has been misdiagnosed as a birthmark by a pediatrician when it was actually the first sign of a serious injury.

Samuel Davies (Source: Hampshire Police)
Samuel Davies (Source: Hampshire Police)

When the injury started fading days after it was first spotted, it was looked at again by some midwives who realized that it was actually a bruise. In spite of long investigations carried out by the police, they were never able to establish if it was Davis or Davies who had inflicted the horrific injuries on the baby.

Davis, however, turned toward her "volatile" former lover in the dock when they were being convicted and said: "You murdered my baby." Jane Miller QC sentenced the two of them at Winchester Crown Court and said that Davis continued to smoke marijuana and also had cocaine on at least three different occasions.

She also said that Davies smoked the marijuana and cocaine as well, "sometimes clearly a lot". Davis cried during the hearing and as she was being taken down to the cells, she shouted: "He's a murderer". The court also heard how the former couple, who were umarried, had a violent relationship with the authorities being called to the apartment on March 11 by neighbors who heard shouting coming from their one-bedroom place in Gosport.


Both of the defendants tested positive for consuming cocaine and marijuana after they were arrested shortly after Stanley was hospitalized. Davies told the jurors in the court that Stanley was looked after by him, his mother, and Davis' family. He then added: "That baby from day two was passed around like a parcel."

The prosecutors also added that on March 15, Davies took a photo of a newspaper article of a mother who took her dead baby on a bus so that she could avoid detection that her child had died from a head injury.

The court then heard how she posted a video on Facebook on March 20, one day before Stanley was taken to the hospital, of him having a fit. It was uploaded with the comment: "My baby is 16 days, should he be doing this already."


Stanley died one week after this video was taken. While giving evidence in the court, Davis said that she was "over the moon" when her son was born. She also added: "I had my whole world in my hands." After the infant died, a crowdfunding page was set up to raise money for his funeral which collected £2,300 in total.

Davis wrote on the page that Stanley was her "miracle baby" after she was told that she would not be able to have children when she was younger. Davies told the jury in the court that his girlfriend had been "jealous" that she was not the center of attention after her son was born.

The mother wept in the court as James Newton-Price QC, the prosecutor, told the court that there was a "disregard for the welfare" of her child and a series of "escalating" injuries.


He said: "This is a high culpability case. It features multiple incidents of injuries, using force and disregard for the welfare of the victim. The suffering was prolonged and there was escalating injuries, with bones broken and re-broken. The Crown would say they were warned very clearly warned about the risk of harm to Stanley by the police and a social worker. They were warned they could not behave in an aggressive or argumentative way."

Katie Thorne QC, who was defending the mother, said that she suffered from depression, She said: "Miss Davis' case has always been that she didn't cause the injuries. Miss Davis did accept her strong feelings of guilt in failing to protect Stanley."

Sally Howes QC, who was defending Davies, said that he had "a great sadness and a great feeling of guilt". Davies is not Stanley's biological father. She added: "He is clearly a very immature man and his diagnoses of ADHD and emotionally unstable personality disorder are recent and will have to be addressed at a later stage."

The chairman of the Hampshire Safeguarding Children Board, Derek Benson, confirmed that a review is currently being carried out in the handling of the infant's care by the authorities. 

A spokesperson for the NSPCC said: "Davis and Davies should have loved, cared and protected baby Stanley. Instead, they caused the death of this defenseless baby and it is right that they are now behind bars as a consequence of their actions."