Indiana woman tortured fiance’s toddler till his bones were broken, texted he ‘stopped breathing because of me’

Indiana woman tortured fiance’s toddler till his bones were broken, texted he ‘stopped breathing because of me’
Kaitlyn Hopkins (Washington County Jail)

WASHINGTON COUNTY, INDIANA: 20-year-old Kaitlyn Hopkins has been charged with felony battery of her finance’s 2-year-old son following six months of investigation. 

According to the reports by WDRB, the probable cause affidavit lists consist of five pages worth of injuries to the child and texts Kaitlyn had sent to her fiance.

One of the texts reads, "BTW our son got his damn leg caught in his bed again he's babying it again."

The documents go through another message of Kaitlyn to her fiance Kody Shaffer that reads, "I’m literally bawling my eyes out because he stopped breathing because of me."

The doctors on examining the toddler said that he has “the motor skills of a four or five-month-old” which is caused due to an underlying medical condition that causes a delay in the child’s development.

Describing the horrific details regarding the child’s injuries, Indiana State Police Sgt. Carey Huls said, “He should have no bruising, period. He couldn't roll over, sit up, that type of situation. So, any bruising, any injuries had to be caused by someone else.”

The police further stated that it was only when Shaffer took his son to the hospital that they learned about the bruises and cuts from head to toe with broken bones and malnutrition.

Meanwhile, The University of Louisville Pediatric Forensic Medicine Unit officials said they had 'grave concerns' for the child’s safety. 

Huls said that most of the injuries were healed without being reported, including fractures. 

“Child Protective Services investigators did an outstanding job — also contacted us. Everybody worked together (and) did a great job making sure that child was never placed in any hard again and stayed with other family members at that point,” Huls stated. 

Kaitlyn has been arrested and charged with level three felonies, including neglect of a dependent and battery.

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 Indiana woman charged for torturing fiance toddler son accepts stopped breathing break bones bruises