'Indian Matchmaking': Ankita receives heartwarming message from fan whose life she helped save a few years ago

'Indian Matchmaking': Ankita receives heartwarming message from fan whose life she helped save a few years ago
Ankita (Netflix)

After appearing on 'Indian Matchmaking', all the singles who featured on the show became a celebrity of sorts overnight. The show's popularity definitely helped these young singles to became popular public figures. Now we know that celebrities receive several messages from their fan on their social media accounts. So it was no different for Ankita from 'Indian Matchmaking' either.

Ankita managed to amass a substantial fan base after making the empowering decision to focus on herself and her career instead of settling down in an arranged marriage. This young entrepreneur's perspective and outlook towards life instantly made her a fan-favorite. So, it comes as no surprise that Ankita's DMs are filled with praises for the way she carried herself on the show. During the show's "catch up session", the young entrepreneur shared a fan message that tugged at her heartstrings. While speaking to Dolly Singh, the hostess of the catch up session, Ankita revealed how one message from a fan made her feel special and good. She said that one fine day she received a text from an unknown number. The messenger praised Ankita for how she carried herself on the show. The messenger then revealed that she had met Ankita a few years ago, and at that time she was in a very dark place and was planning on committing suicide.

Ankita saved that girl by staying with her and talking to her. Just before leaving she shared her number with the messenger and left. Ankita revealed that she never heard from that girl since then, until 'Indian Matchmaking' began airing on Netflix. So, she explained how she was touched by the sweet and thoughtful gesture. The young entrepreneur also shared how she she is grateful for all the overwhelming love and responses she has been getting ever since the show has been released on Netflix. Ankita's journey of battling her body image issues to being a confident and strong woman, resonated with many fans. We hope that Ankita continues chasing her dreams and finds what she's looking for.


'Indian Matchmaking' is streaming on Netflix. 

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