'Indian Matchmaking': Akshay's silence before mom Preeti makes fans ask him to speak: 'You're a grown-a** man'

Fans express concern for Akshay after watching his overbearing mother make all the decisions for him

                            'Indian Matchmaking': Akshay's silence before mom Preeti makes fans ask him to speak: 'You're a grown-a** man'
Preeti and Akshay (Netflix)

Akshay and his overbearing mother Preeti have evoked pretty strong feelings among the viewers of Netflix's new show 'Indian Matchmaking'. The series follows a leading matchmaker named Sima Taparia, who goes to great lengths to find the perfect matches for her clients. It goes without saying that Sima meets some rather eccentric families, one such family happens to be the mother-son duo Preeti and Akshay.

While Akshay is 25 years old, Preeti appears to make all the life decisions for him. Not just him, but her entire family's. Preeti has a vision of getting her sons married between 25-26, and then get them to expand their family. While her older son adhered to her wishes, her younger son, Akshay seems a bit hesitant to get married. But Preeti isn't ready to throw a towel on her dreams just yet. She threatens her son with her fluctuating blood pressure issues, then emotionally blackmails him, until he submits to her wishes. Akshay starts the process of looking for girls with his family. When Sima asked Akshay what qualities he's expecting his future wife to have, he simply states that he wants a girl like his mother. Despite Akshay's vague responses, Seema manages to shortlist a few girls for him. 

From the girls' details sent to Akshay, Preeti shortlists three girls, and gets Akshay to pick one of them. Then the family met the girl's family, and decided to get the couple engaged. After watching how passive Akshay was, and how his mother Preeti made all the decisions for him, fans began expressing concern for him, and encouraged him to stand up to his mother.

A fan tweeted, "#IndianMatchmaking Vyasar you’re such an amazing guy!! I wanna marry you Akshay babe please please please don’t expect your wife to be like your mum. That’s not happening. Also your mum needs to calm tf down. You’re a grown-a** man, speak up." Another fan wrote, "Akshay...sweetie...you not going to say anything? #IndianMatchmaking." "My sister really called Akshay Benjamin Button & I'm inconsolable LMFAAOOO !! He needs to stop his entanglement with his mom, like omg we get it ur mom runs your life #IndianMatchmaking," expressed a fan. Another fan shared, "Akshay and his mom got me f***ed up. Boy, you should NOT be getting married. I’m praying for you, Radhika. #IndianMatchmaking." Another fan observed, "Akshay’s engagement is simply for his mom! WTF!!! #IndianMatchmaking."

'Indian Matchmaking; is available for streaming on Netflix.

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