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'Indian Matchmaking': Kidnapping grooms to marrying a tree, here are the most bizarre Indian wedding rituals

Getting welcomed by tomatoes, seeking approval from fishes and grooms having a change of heart in the middle of the wedding — see if all at the Indian wedding
(Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images)
(Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images)

Who doesn't love watching a good wedding? Netflix's latest show 'Indian Matchmaking' gives us a peek into how the arranged marriage system works. India's leading matchmaker Sima Taparia goes to great lengths to ensure her clients find their perfect life partner. In the series, we saw Sima turning to the stars when it came to setting up her clients.

When Sima was having trouble finding a perfect match for her client, Aparna, she resorted to a face-reader and two astrologers to give her insight into what Aparna is looking for and her personality. If you thought relying on astrologers and astrological charts for finding your life partner is bizarre, then brace yourself, as we will explore several other bizarre customs and traditions associated with big fat Indian weddings.

Marry a tree

Yes, you read that right, marrying a tree is a thing among the South Asian communities. Sometimes, a girl's astrological chart reveals the person she marries might experience an early death. So, to prevent the death of her partner, before the girl is married to her man, she is first married to a tree so that the tree can bear the brunt of early death.

Mothers skip weddings

Here is another bizarre tradition that is observed amongst the Bengali community in Inda. The mother of the bride and groom will not attend the wedding celebrations at a traditional Bengali wedding because it is believed that their presence might invite negative energy into their children's married life.

Tomatoes thrown at the groom

At most wedding parties, the newly married couple are welcomed with flowers thrown at them. But a tribal community in Uttar Pradesh, India, throws tomatoes instead of flowers at the groom. The reason behind it will definitely leave you stumped. According to that community, throwing tomatoes at the groom signifies an unhappy and unfortunate beginning to the marriage. Since the couple already had a rough start to their marriage, the belief is that the couple's marriage will be filled with love and happiness since they have already overcome the tomato obstacles.

Groom's change of heart

In certain parts of South India, the grooms are expected to experience a change of heart in the midst of the wedding celebrations. The groom suddenly gets up and walks away from the celebrations with the intention of turning into a monk. The girl's family and the priests then try convincing the groom to get married to the bride. Talk about cold feet during weddings. 

Groom kidnapping

In certain parts of India, the practice of groom kidnapping has emerged to combat the rising demands for dowry. The bride's family kidnaps a boy they believe is a good match for their daughter and force him into getting married to their daughter.

Seeking approval of fish

The Manipuri community in India seeks the approval of fish for the wedding. The bride and groom release two fish into the water and if the fish swim away together, then it is considered auspicious and the wedding celebrations begin. 

'Indian Matchmaking' is available for streaming on Netflix.