'In The Dark' star Perry Mattfeld on what makes The CW drama different from the rest

The CW's mid-season entry, 'In The Dark', follows a blind woman in her mid-twenties who is on the hunt for her friend's killer

                            'In The Dark' star Perry Mattfeld on what makes The CW drama different from the rest

What happens when a blind woman in her twenties, who drifts through life in a drunken haze, finds out that one of the only two friends she has in the world may have been murdered? A thrilling chase, with a guide dog of course. But when the woman is Murphy from The CW's latest midseason entry 'In The Dark', it also leads to some absolutely hilarious mishaps.

Murphy, one fine day, stumbles upon a corpse when she's walking with her guide dog Pretzel. She's sure that the body is Tyson's — a young drug dealer friend she has, who saved her from a mugging once.



But, by the time the police arrive, the body is nowhere to be found and of course, since she didn't see the dead body, no one believes her.  A character that is not near perfect, you probably would know someone like her — hates her job, hard-living, hard-drinking, with a penchant for cigarettes and casual hookups with just two friends in the entire world.

You'd think such an interesting character would be enough to get actress Perry Mattfeld to play Murphy but, as it turns out, she was already sold on the first reading. "I think my first read-through of the script was what really attracted me to the show," she told MEA WorldWide (MEAWW) in an interview.

"I remember feeling warm fuzzies at some point but also cheering up in others and the breadth of emotions that existed in those 60-odd pages were what blew me away. These characters were so smart and witty and the show had a different type of humor than I had seen in a while."



While it remains to be seen if the show aces all comedic parameters, it is worth noting that this is definitely a different show for The CW. While it's been busy building an empire of superhero shows, this drama seems pretty out of place. Mattfeld agrees. "The CW is taking a chance with the show and I'm very thankful that it is. I think it will be very refreshing to see a show like ours which is so raw with an anti-hero on the forefront," she said.

She also added that while the show itself is a wild card, so is the way they have addressed blindness. "I think people are going to be shocked by where the story goes and I think that while we have had this wonderful opportunity to keep the authenticity of the character and show why Murphy is the way she is, the story does tell us that it's not because of blindnesses," she said. 

'In The Dark' premieres on Thursday, April 4 at 9:00 pm ET on The CW

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