Hillary Clinton says she's 'living rent-free inside of Donald Trump's brain'

The former secretary of state said the president was using her as a diversionary tactic: to keep the focus away from the troubles facing the country and to and to keep his Republican base of supporters firmly on his side.

                            Hillary Clinton says she's 'living rent-free inside of Donald Trump's brain'
Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (Source : Getty Images)

Hillary Clinton took aim at Donald Trump on Wednesday, suggesting that the US president has kept attacking and criticizing her because he wanted to distract the country from the litany of problems he was facing and to keep his Republican base of supporters firmly on his side.

Clinton, who won the 2016 Democratic Primary and went toe-to-toe with Trump for the presidency, made the claims during her first television interview for the year on 'The Rachel Maddow Show,' also addressing the hot potato topics of Attorney General William Barr and impeachment after Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report.

In the interview, the former Secretary of State first noted how Trump had pressed his former Attorney General Jeff Sessions to investigate her, telling the crowd, "I'm living rent-free inside of Donald Trump's brain, and it's not a very nice place to be, I can tell you that."

Clinton claimed Trump's fixation on her was a "diversion tactic" (Source: Rune Hellestad/Getty Images)

Clinton termed the president's fixation on her as a "diversion attack" and that the tactic was "one of their tools to fire up their hard-core base." She said, "When in doubt, go after me...They know better. But this is part of their whole technique to divert attention from what the real story is. The real story is the Russians interfered in our election. And Trump committed obstruction of justice. That's the real story."

She also talked about Barr's stating that the president can fire any prosecutor investigating him if he feels the accusations are false during his public testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee and said it was "the road to tyranny" and that it was "what authoritarians believe."

"The point I was trying to make earlier is that, in the situation of the President, who has constitutional authority to supervise proceedings, if in fact a proceeding was not well founded, if it was a groundless proceeding, if it was based on false allegations, the President does not have to sit there, constitutionally, and allow it to run its course," Barr had insisted during his testimony.

Clinton said she was "very, very concerned" about Barr's arguments (Source: Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

She said she was "very, very concerned" about Barr's argument, telling Maddow, "It was incredibly arrogant. The level of disregard, even contempt of the Congress's role was unmistakable," and that calling for his resignation "makes perfect sense."

While Clinton did not outright call for impeachment proceedings to be initiated against Trump, she did urge Congress to continue investigating the president to see where it goes. "There's a lot of important material to be explored, so you have to do it in a way that creates a narrative," she said.

She continued, "What is it you're finding out? Where does it lead? But, if it leads to the conclusion that this president has committed high crimes and misdemeanors, that's what should motivate the Congress to act," adding she was speaking out because of the continued efforts of Russians to interfere in US elections and how she didn't want it to happen again.