Illinois Bucky's store cashier fired after telling customers to 'go back to their country' in viral video

Illinois Bucky's store cashier fired after telling customers to 'go back to their country' in viral video

A Bucky's cashier from Naperville, Illinois, was fired after a video of him asking customers about their citizenship and telling them to "go back to their country" became viral on social media. The incident comes days after President Donald Trump's tweets created controversy and drew heavy backlash after he asked  four congresswomen to "go back to their own country."

Bucky’s Convenience Store’s corporate attorney, Stephen Kalhorn, while talking to Yahoo Lifestyle, said: "The employee is no longer employed. He lost his temper and got into an argument with customers. There’s no place for that in our company. We do not accept any kind of discrimination." The lawyer added that the firm, located in Naperville, takes pride in its diversity, noting that the particular store's manager is "female and Hispanic."

The controversial incident at the store also sparked a protest in the region, with the local mayor making an announcement that "hate has no home here." Reports state that an investigation has been launched into the case.


The incident occurred on July 16, when Carolina Buitron, who was cycling with six of her family member, approached the convenience store located on a Mobil gas station after her bike broke. 


When one of the members, 15-year-old Indira Buitron, went inside the store to purchase food, the store clerk seen in the video began questioning her and her cousins' legal status. Her cousins were reportedly visiting from Mexico.

Carolina, while talking to CBS2 Chicago, said: "He’s like, ‘Oh, are those two girls adopted? And she’s like, ‘No, they’re my cousins. They came from Mexico.’ And he asked, ‘Are they illegal?"


The family said that the cousins' aunts went inside to confront the employee, who has not been named, after he refused service to the teen. 

The man behind the counter, in the viral video, can be heard saying that he's "American" and questions the US citizenship of the women. A member of the Buitron family then says: "What is your problem?” To which the clerk says that her relatives "need to go back to their country” because “it’s illegal.”

When one of the family members says that they are calling the police, the clerk threatens the women, saying "ICE will come."

As the Buitron family members leave the store, the clerk can be heard telling the women in the video, "You’re in the wrong country," and then sarcastically adds "God bless you.”

The video was posted on Facebook by one of the Buitron family members, with the caption: "Check this guy who didn't want to sell us anything because we are Mexicans, what a way to treat tourists #fightracism."


The video, since July 16, has garnered thousands of views, with many condemning the incident.

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 Illionois store cashier fired after telling customers to 'go back to their country' in viral video