Ilhan Omar's lover, who left his wife to be with Minnesota Congresswoman, says he never loved his spouse

Tim Mynett, Omar's campaign worker, said he stayed back with Beth Jordan, 17 years his senior, because he did not want to leave his little son.

                            Ilhan Omar's lover, who left his wife to be with Minnesota Congresswoman, says he never loved his spouse
Ilhan Omar (Getty Images)

Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is never away from making controversial headlines. Whether it is in public life where she allegedly insulted 9/11 martyrs to personal life where she got a divorce recently, the ‘Squad’ member always finds herself relevant. In fact, Omar’s personal issues have seen other individuals also getting affected. According to an exclusive report by the Daily Mail, Omar’s campaign member who walked out of his own marriage to be with the former has claimed in court papers that he never really was in love with his wife.

Tim Mynett, 38, has said that he agreed to marry Beth Jordan so that she did not kick him out of their home and from his six-year-old son's life. The 55-year-old Beth has her version of the story as well. The DC-based woman said, as per her divorce filing submitted in August and obtained by the New York Post, that her husband had left her for the Somali-born Congresswoman. She said that her husband told her in April that he was having an affair with the ‘Squad’ member and even went on to make a “shocking declaration of love” for her. Mynett and Jordan’s son is now 13-year-old. The two physically separated on or about April 7. 

According to the Mail report, Mynett denied his affair with Omar even though the website got pictures that showed him leaving the Congresswoman’s apartment in DC after sleepovers. It was also claimed that he had stayed there at least six nights in September.

While Mynett tried to show his six-year marriage with Jordan in negative light in the papers filed in DC Superior Court, Jordan was not in agreement.

Mynett paints their marriage as an unhappy one

“On multiple occasions, due to the unhappy and unfulfilling nature of their relationship, the parties discussed separation and divorce,” Mynett claimed in papers written by his attorney Sarah Mancinelli, as per the Mail report. The duo reportedly discussed the problems and Mynett tried to project that both he and Jordan were unhappy.

But Jordan’s sympathizers hit back at the depiction of the marriage and said her team was making a response based on real facts, the Mail cited a close friend of Jordan as saying.

“She is not going to let Tim paint a false picture of their marriage which was happy and fulfilling before Ilhan Omar came on the scene.” The friend added that Mynett’s denial of the affair was “completely discredited” and that he had a high regard for Jordan because of her accomplishments. 

In the attorney’s writing, Mynett has not only denied that Jordan was a loving partner, he also denied that she had an “unwavering” support for his career. 

Mynett, Jordan married in 2012 on latter's insistence

Mynett was 25 and Beth 42 when the duo had their son born in February 2006.
The couple continued to live together but in 2012, Jordan reportedly insisted on marriage and even said that if that did not happen, Mynett would have to move out and look after their son from afar. For Mynett, to stay away from his son and step-daughter with whom he had grown a close bond was something unthinkable. 

They got married in June, 2012, but the tensions never came down owing to various reasons, including difference in personalities and parenting, and by 2018, Mynette was completely ‘disenchanted” with the state of affairs. 

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