Twitter bans Ilhan Omar's GOP challenger Danielle Stella's campaign account after she wanted her hanged for treason

Twitter bans Ilhan Omar's GOP challenger Danielle Stella's campaign account after she wanted her hanged for treason
Ilhan Omar (Source : Getty Images)

The ‘Squad’ members are set to face massive challenges when they go for re-election in 2020. And among the four, Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is up against Danielle Stella, a GOP challenger, who is not ready to give up despite getting banned by the social media site. 

Stella, a pro-Donald Trump Republican, earned Twitter’s wrath after posting something violent about Omar. On at least two occasions, she wanted Omar hanged on charges of treason. Stella’s campaign account was permanently suspended by the microblogging site and she will have to now campaign without its help.

Both of Stella’s tweets that are no longer available spoke about the recent allegations against Omar that she has transferred sensitive information to the government of Iran, one of the major foes of the Trump administration. She was even called a "Qarari Asset". Omar, who is still in the first year of her term, denied the charges and counter-alleged that it was propaganda by Saudi Arabia, Iran’s main regional enemy and Washington’s closest ally in the Middle East. The Somali-born lawmaker even called the allegations “outlandishly absurd”. 

One of Omar’s spokespersons told Jerusalem Post earlier that ever since she has been elected, Saudi Arabian trolls and mouthpieces have targeted her with “misinformation and conspiracy theories”.

Stella even slams Twitter, saying it protects 'terrorists, traitors, pedophiles, rapists'

“If it is proven @IlhanMN passed sensitive info to Iran, she should be tried for #treason and hanged,” Stella’s campaign account said in the first controversial tweet.

The second tweet featured a link to an article that aggregated her first remark and also included a stick figure hanging from the gallows. On Wednesday, November 27, her account was permanently suspended for repeatedly violating Twitter’s rules. The GOP member also lashed out at the social media platform accusing it in a statement of fighting to protect “terrorists, traitors, pedophiles, and rapists”. 

Responding to the allegations in a tweet, Omar, who has become quite a controversial figure in American politics in her very first year, said “misinformation and conspiracy theories have become part of my daily existence” ever since she won her first primary election in 2016.


"People often ask me why I don’t fight back against them often. It’s a valid question, one my team, family and I struggle with. There is just too much, they are too ridiculous and it feel degrading to respond to such stupidity. Also, who has time fact checking this insanity,” the 38-year-old Omar, who is also facing controversies on personal front, said in another tweet.

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