'Il Processo': Release date, plot, cast, trailer and all you need to know about the gritty Italian crime drama

'Il Processo': Release date, plot, cast, trailer and all you need to know about the gritty Italian crime drama
Vittoria Puccini and Francesco Scianna (IMDb)

Italian-American crime dramas are a dime a dozen. It’s now time to take things back to the homeland and experience the real deal. And Netflix has just the right thing coming up. Created by Alessandro Fabbri, ‘Il Processo’ or ‘The Process’ (Or ‘The Trial’) is a 2019 Italian-language series that is soon going to be out on Netflix. 

Release date

‘Il Processo’ originally aired on Channel 5 in Italy from November 19, 2019, to December 13, 2019. The eight-episode series will be available for streaming on Netflix on April 10.


As per IMDb, “A group of characters is implicated in the brutal murder of Angelica, a 17-year-old girl involved into something bigger than her: the prosecutor Elena Guerra, who discovers to be indissolubly close to the victim; Ruggero Barone rampant lawyer who considers this trial the chance of a lifetime; Linda Monaco, the only defendant, who insists claiming her innocence. They all walk on a razor's edge searching for the truth, waiting for a verdict, which will establish, in a way or another, a new course for their lives.”


Vittoria Puccini as Elena Guerra

Vittoria Puccini. (IMDb)

The Italian actor, who debuted with ‘Tutto amore che c'e’, has since played several roles on television and in films. She’s known for her roles in ‘Paz!’, ‘Operazione Appia Antica’, and ‘Le ragazze di San Frediano’.

Francesco Scianna as Ruggero Barone

Francesco Scianna. (IMDb)

The Italian actor, who began his career in theater, has worked in films like ‘Il più bel giorno della mia vita’ and ‘Milionari’.


The Italian language trailer for the series shows the process of the trial of the murder of a teenage girl, whose body was found dumped in a river. The trailer looks decidedly dark and gritty and has the air of a neo-noir production: crime, mystery, and a femme fatale.


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