Iggy Azalea reveals meaning behind her new song 'Tokyo Snow Trip'

Iggy Azalea dropped two new songs and reveals the meaning of her latest song, 'Tokyo Snow Trip' but soon deletes it.

                            Iggy Azalea reveals meaning behind her new song 'Tokyo Snow Trip'
Rapper Iggy Azalea (Source : Getty Images)

On Thursday (July 5), Iggy Azalea surprised her fans as she dropped two new music, "Kream" featuring Tyga and "Tokyo Snow Trip." After the singer dropped the music, fans were quick to assume that 'Tokyo Snow Trip' was about her doing cocaine but the rapper was quick to make it clear that she is not the person she refers to in the song.

As reported by Daily Mail, she wrote "To clarify, TST is about a b**ch doing coke and being a f**king liar a** crazy b**ch. It's not ME doing any. lol." The tweet has since been deleted. The lyrics of the song go as: "Rose from the cracks, with the rats and the roaches. Bust the duffle bag open. Hush money in the sofa. B**ch, you know what I'm totin'. Pinocchio nose drip, Tokyo snow trip."

The two songs are from her new EP Surviving The Summer. While Iggy revealed the meaning behind the songs, she also admitted her frustration towards the songs being released in  Australia and New Zealand before the United States. But she understood she could do nothing about it because of the time difference. "Just woke up. So I guess Australia and NZ released my new stuff and pre-order on what's technically July 6... Just isn't where I live in America so. I dunno," she wrote. 

She further added, "I'm not mad obviously but also I don't want to celebrate until it's time here in the States." Iggy has been heavily promoting her new album. The album will be released worldwide on Friday (July 6). In her recent interview with Billboard, the rapper explained that she compared the song 'Tokyo Snow Trip' to the Ying Yang Twins' hushed "The Whisper Song" from 2005.

"Roads with the cracks, with the rats, and the roaches (roaches)/ Bust the duffle bag open (open)/ Hush money in the sofa (shhh)/ Bitch, you know what I'm talkin'," she said at that time. At the same time, Iggy was recently spotted arriving at a film set in Los Angeles to make a music video featuring Tyga. At Coachella in April, the pair sparked dating rumors as they were spotted with their hands wrapped around each other's waist. 

The 'Black Widow' star was seen sporting an orange Fendi dress and spent the night with Tyga and Wong G. Wong G also posted a picture on Instagram with Azalea, Tyga and Kourtney Kardashian's boyfriend, Younes Bendjima. The rappers stood together as they watched The Weeknd perform on stage. It was during The Weeknd's live version of 'Might Not' that Tyga apparently put his arm around the 'Mo Bounce' star sparking rumors that something more could be going on between the two.