Iggy Azalea slammed for continuing to sing even as backup dancer collapsed on stage after suffering seizure

Iggy Azalea took to social media to share a lengthy and emotional message to her fans and followers explaining the situation.

                            Iggy Azalea slammed for continuing to sing even as backup dancer collapsed on stage after suffering seizure

Rapper Iggy Azalea revealed that she is feeling "worn down" and like she "can do nothing right". She took to Instagram to share an emotional post on Thursday. 

She shared with her followers that she was "exhausted" given the amount of criticism and backlash that she faced for continuing to sing despite the fact that her backup dancer had collapsed while on stage in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, earlier that same night. She was singing her hit song 'Black Widow' when the backup dancer fell down and had a seizure. 


Her actions were called out by fans who blamed her for not briefly halting the show to get her backup dancer some medical attention. Iggy shared an emotional and lengthy message which read, "Sometimes I really feel exhausted by the world. It feels like anything I do becomes an opportunity for people to tell me why I'm s**t, why my music sucks, my clothes are ugly, why I don't matter or why I'm a horrible person," she wrote.


"I'm worn down. The last four years are just me existing in a world where I can do nothing right and it's hard not to feel like 'what's the point' and keep motivated," she continued. 

She concluded the message with a call to her fans, haters, to be "kinder" to one another. "Everyone is just trying to make it through their day. Could we be a little kinder to each other?  Seeing how much people enjoy being awful to one another is depressing," the rapper wrote.

Earlier on that same day, Iggy shared updates with her fans about the scary incident and said "she wanted everyone asking to know my dancer is OKAY.  She is backstage feeling much better." She then added that the seizure was caused by "the lights and heat".

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She also used social media to try and explain what exactly took place on stage. "I thought she had just fallen/twisted her ankle. And it may sound harsh but; you keep singing until the music stops and ask for a medic which is what I did," she said. She further added that she and her camp "are all just really shaken up by what happened and just thankful [the dancer] is okay."


She then wrote, "I know it's easy to make memes of someone "passed out" but someone having a seizure isn't funny, it's really scary! So I hope my fans do not repost some of the memes I'm seeing about my dancer."

Fans were not pleased and many called her out for her actions. One fan wrote, "'I have never seen a performer look dead at someone who clearly needs serious medical attention and... keep going." While another fan added, "She didn't even stop the song so they could make sure the medic was actually present/get that poor girl off stage. yuck, what a gross person!"