CW's iZombie, Jane the Virgin and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend get the axe

Fans were already guessing Jane the Virgin and Crazy Ex Girlfriend would be ending but the cancellation of iZombie came as a shock since the show was renewed just five days ago

                            CW's iZombie, Jane the Virgin and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend get the axe
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The ruthless cancellation of shows and sitcoms have made FOX the ultimate villain but The CW isn't lagging behind to take the crown. On May 17, the network confirmed that three previously renewed shows were to come to an end, once and for all after their respective seasons aired. 

The shows named were iZombie, Jane the Virgin and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. The fan base of these shows aren't too bad but the cancellation wasn't too much of a surprise to those paying close attention to what was happening behind-the-scenes of their favorite The CW series.

Rachel Bloom, the creator and star of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend confirmed the show's fourth season would be its last in a Twitter post earlier this year.

In the same way, there were rumors that Jane the Virgin would come to an end and the talk was on for months leaving fans extremely worried that the show would get axed before its pending season four cliffhanger was resolved. 

Much to their relief, the show was picked up for a fifth season earlier this month, with its star Gina Rodriquez confirming season five to be the last. In an interview with Variety, she said;

"When it came to directing Jane, as the star of the show – as a woman, as Latina, I was like, 'I need to come so correct that I cannot be denied." She called it "the most incredible experience", and noted her episode was "the highest-rated of the season", Rodriguez said that she wants to "do more [directing] next year – in our final season."

But what came out of the blue was the cancellation of iZombie, which was renewed for its fifth season just five days ago. The show is still running on the network and its season four finale will air in a week's time.