'I'm A Celebrity': Fans slam Kardashians for not being there to meet Caitlyn Jenner when she got eliminated from the show

'I'm A Celebrity': Fans slam Kardashians for not being there to meet Caitlyn Jenner when she got eliminated from the show
Kardashians Family (Source : Getty Images)

'I'm A Celebrity', saw Caitlyn Jenner bidding goodbye to the show just a few days before the winner of the show was announced but fans more upset to find out that Jenner did not have any family member waiting for her after she got eliminated. 

Jenner became emotional the second she heard that she will have to leave the jungle. She admitted that she came to the show to challenge herself and it had been a journey for her. Jenner, 70, first appeared on 'I'm A Celebrity' USA in 2003. However, she appeared on the show then as Bruce Jenner. 

Jenner admitted that this time things were different as she was coming into a competition as Caitlyn and not as Bruce. She felt content that she didn't have to hide her identity while also shedding light on her transition journey. Jenner was open and honest about everything in her life and even gave people an insight into her relationship with her family. 

Fans fell in love with Jenner's personality with many thinking that she was in the run to win the competition. Unfortunately, Jenner's stay in the jungle was cut short. Fans were disappointed to see that no one from her family came as she left the jungle and took to social media to express their disappointment. 


"As much as I love the kardashians,/jenners..no fame or money or meetings or business schedules are more important than your own family!! Not one single soul there to greet Caitlyn as she left, not even a friend! Cruel. She's 70 FFS. If I'd known I'd of gone to greet her myself," read one comment. 

Another added, "lost all respect for the Kardashians/ Jenners. All Caitlyn did throughout her whole journey of #ImACeleb is hype her family up and not one of them decided to turn up on the end of the bridge to welcome her and show respect. I honestly feel so sorry for her. Respect to Sophia tho."

Meanwhile, another echoed similar thoughts as the comment read, "The Kardashians are shite, feel awful for Caitlyn Jenner while she’s been on I’m a celeb. Just goes to show that fame is nothing when you only care about yourself." 


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