'I Love A Mama's Boy': Matt takes his mom lingerie shopping, gets her same robe that he buys for girlfriend Kim

'I Love A Mama's Boy': Matt takes his mom lingerie shopping, gets her same robe that he buys for girlfriend Kim
Matt and Kelly (TLC)

Matt and Kelly have always been close, and there is no stopping them. The latest series offers a glimpse into the lives of a mother-son duo who are inseparable. Kelly revealed she is extremely close to her son because there was a time when she thought she would lose him. 

Matt was born with an infection that affected the heart and seeing how bad things can get, Kelly revealed there were countless times when she thought she would lose him. Luckily, Matt was able to recover from it and, in the process, his bond with Kelly became stronger. While Matt had his mother as the only woman in his life for a long time, things have changed. 

Matt met Kim on a dating app and the two have been dating for three years. While they plan on getting married, things took a turn when their apartment caught fire. This forced them to move in with Kelly. Even though Matt was happy to be with his mom, Kelly did not seem too comfortable about it. 

It seems to have also affected their physical relationship and Kelly made them aware that she knows it. The trio decided to go on a spa date, something that is not unusual to Kelly and Matt. While they were sipping on their champagne, Kelly spoke about the house she was planning on building near her property. 


Kelly thought it would be nice for Matt to move closer to her and in the process, save money when it comes to the construction of a new house. However, Kim did not seem impressed. Things took a turn in the conversation when Kelly questioned Matt and Kim's physical relationship after not being able to hear anything while passing by their room. 

Matt revealed they were not getting physical as much as they used to because Kim is aware Kelly is around. Kelly tells Matt that he needs to spice things up. Matt then takes his mother to a lingerie shop in the hope that she could help him find the perfect lingerie. The owner of the shop is shocked to see a mother-son pair walk into the store. 


Kelly suggested lingerie that she thinks would look good on Kim. Matt considers her opinion and finally buys the lingerie he thinks would be best. He goes on to buy a robe when Kelly hints that the robe would look wonderful on her too. Matt admitted that he could imagine Kelly in the robe and purchases two robes, one for his mother and the other for Kim. 


While at the store, Matt hinted he wanted to propose to Kim very soon. Will Kelly agree to this or will she try to sabotage this relationship?

'I Love A Mama's Boy' airs on Sundays at 10 pm ET on TLC. 

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