'I Love A Mama's Boy': Is Matt gay? Fans ask as he chooses his mother over his girlfriend in lingerie

Kim is disappointed to find out Matt wants to spend Valentine's Day night with his mother and not her

                            'I Love A Mama's Boy': Is Matt gay? Fans ask as he chooses his mother over his girlfriend in lingerie
Kelly, Matt and Kim (TLC)

Matt and Kim have been having trouble in their bedroom, but it looks like Kelly has come to her son's rescue. The pair moved in with Kelly after their apartment had a fire accident. To make sure they were saving enough money, the duo thought it would be best to live with Kelly for the time being.

However, ever since Kim and Matt moved in, their relationship hasn't been the same. Matt and Kelly have always been close, and their bond seems to put Kim in an uncomfortable position. Speaking to the camera, Kim admitted she has been trying hard to adjust to their relationship as she truly loves Matt.

Meanwhile, Matt wants to make sure he can keep both the women in his life happy. Things become a little awkward when Kelly steps in to help Matt make his relationship more romantic. She decided to take her son out for lingerie shopping and ended up buying the same robe like the one he bought for Kim. 

Even though Matt and Kim did not think there was anything wrong with it, people around them thought otherwise. On the day of Valentine's Day, Matt surprised Kim with the lingerie and robe he had bought for her. Kim was happy about her gift until she found out Matt had gone with her mother. 

Thinking about it, Kim did not feel comfortable. To make things worse, Kelly came in walking the same robe that Kim was gifted. Despite all this, Kim suggested Matt and her could go to the bedroom, and she could try the gift he got for her. However, he chose to spend the night sipping tea and watching a movie with his mother over spending time with her. Seeing this, many viewers had their doubts about Matt being gay.

"This show is messed up. Like beyond messed up. This gay dude lays down with his mum every night to drink tea and watch tv while she’s in the same lingerie as he buys the girl that’s supposed to be his girlfriend?" read one comment. Another added, "Matt ... Kim, you can't be as intimate with Matt as you'd like because he's GAY. You don't need lingerie. You need a strap-on!!!" "Ummmm, Kim, your boyfriend Matt is 100% gay," said another. "Oh Matt not even trying to get some ass on valentines .. he’s gay," read another comment.





'I Love A Mama's Boy' airs on Sundays at 10 pm ET on TLC. 

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