'I Love a Mama's Boy': Matt and Kelly end up on the couch, fans are creeped out by 'disturbing' mother-son scene

While Matt was happy that Kelly helped him out in preparing for his proposal to Kim, fans thought it was creepy

                            'I Love a Mama's Boy': Matt and Kelly end up on the couch, fans are creeped out by 'disturbing' mother-son scene
Matt, Kelly (TLC)

Matt McAdams loves Kimberly 'Kim' Cobb but shares an unusual relationship with his mother, Kelly McAdams, which has often gotten in the way of the couple making any progress they can possibly make as a couple. Matt has been spending lockdown with her mother and Kim feels they should have their own place but Kelly mustn't have the keys. 

Obviously, Matt was hesitant to bring up this conversation with his mother, which prompted Kim to take matters into her own hands. The girlfriend gently shared her concerns about Kelly inserting herself into every scenario the couple was dreaming up for themselves, saying that she would really like some boundaries. Kelly didn't shoot it down completely while assuring that she would try to respect their choices. 

Later, Matt, who has been meaning to pop the question, wasn't sure of the words he would say to Kim when he gets down on one knee. As he shared his worries with Kelly, she offered to help by role-playing. In seconds, she was playing Kim and Matt was on his knees professing his love for her. The proposal ended with Matt kissing his mother's hand (she had the engagement ring on) and her hugging him tightly enough for them to fall over on the couch. 

While Matt was happy that Kelly helped him out with his proposal, fans thought it was creepy.  On a fan post on Instagram, there were a string of comments that pointed out how disturbing the scene was.  "Seriously, I sincerely hope that it’s all an act because it’s super disturbing," a fan commented, while another shared: "Nailed it Savage. It is the grossest show ever. So uncomfortable to watch. Please watch Plathville!"

"I think what's worse is he doesn't see anything wrong with it and prioritize her over his girlfriend and makes his girlfriend feel bad when she expresses how she feels about his relationship with his mom. I hope that girl leaves his crazy ass," another posted. 

"Yes! Very creepy relationship," a user wrote, while another expressed: "I refuse to watch this show. It does make me feel very uncomfortable and like I need to clean myself a la Ace Ventura style."

'I Love A Mama's Boy' Season 1 finale premiered on TLC on December 13 at 10/9c. For more information, check your local listings.

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