'I Can See Your Voice': Who is Charity Farrell? The singer who judges think can be the 'next Ariana Grande'

Charity Farrell blew the judges and the audience away with her singing and here's everything you need to know about her

                            'I Can See Your Voice': Who is Charity Farrell? The singer who judges think can be the 'next Ariana Grande'
Charity (FOX)

'I Can See Your Voice' was a breath of fresh air and became a show that viewers promised to tune back in again. The latest episode (September 23) saw Shannon come on stage to get a chance to win $100,000. The format of the show has strangers — good singers and bad singers — take the stage and hide the fact if they can sing or not. 

The contestant coming on the show has to guess who is good and who is bad. In this game, bad is good and good is bad. Luckily, the contestant has help from a panel of judges who give their opinion. Shannon came on the show with the hope of winning big and using it to continue her education. 

With five rounds in the game, Shannon had a chance of winning $10,000 on every stage. The first stage saw the strangers battle it out in a lip-sync competition, the second stage allowed Shannon to check the phone of one of the strangers, the third stage includes the strangers going to a recording studio to record a song. However, their voices will be altered. 

The fourth stage has the strangers answering some of the questions about him, and finally, the fifth stage, the chosen stranger has to sing alongside a professional singer. While Shannon managed to answer a few of them right, she thought Charity Farrell was a bad singer. She decided to vote her out even though the judges were convinced she was a good singer. 

Once Farrell started singing, the judges were proved right. Farrell's singing had everyone impressed. Panelist Arsenio Hall also thought she could be the "next Ariana Grande". Meanwhile, others too were surprised by her singing. Farrell, who went by the name "rock climber" on the show, revealed she had been singing on a cruise for five years. 

Apart from this, Farrell has also performed in a number of theater, films and a couple of television shows. She is no stranger to the stage. Farrell revealed she wanted to come on the show because she likes to do something that scares her. With the format of the show being new and unique, Farrell admitted she wanted to be part of the show. 

Even though Shannon got a wrong guess by voting Farrell out, she managed to win the competition and took home $100,000. Meanwhile, Farrell also won big as after the show, viewers could not stop talking about her singing skills. 

'I Can See Your Voice' airs on Wednesdays at 9 pm ET on FOX. 

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