'I Can See Your Voice': Loretta lost two rounds by spotting good singers, but will she win the $100,000 prize?

Loretta has a chance of winning $100,000 by spotting bad singers but there are good singers she needs to be aware of

                            'I Can See Your Voice': Loretta lost two rounds by spotting good singers, but will she win the $100,000 prize?

Ken Jeong is back with another game show that revolves around singing and unlike 'The Masked Singer', this show has some bad singers that will do good to the contestants by allowing them to win big. The show's format is based on the idea that good is bad and bad is good. 

With bad and good singers taking the stage, it is upto the contestant to figure out who can sing. With six rounds for them to understand their voices, the show offers $10,000 for the first five stages and a chance to win $100,000 in the sixth round. In the latest episode (September 30), Loretta came on the show with the hope of taking home a big cash prize. Loretta is a retired banker who hopes to use the money to start a daycare. She believes a daycare is needed by many people while adding she hopes to give scholarships to children who might need it. Hearing this, Jeong hoped she would win. 

The first round saw all the singers coming on stage for a lip-sync battle. Loretta managed to spot the bad singers and keep them out of the game. She won $20,000 in total by sending the bad singers out. However, in the next round, Loretta had a hard time deciding who should be out. She got a chance to go through the phones of one of the singers to find out if they are a good singer or bad. Even though their voice is altered, different hints are laid throughout their phones. Loretta chose to go with the singing server and came up with the conclusion that he could sing.

This forced her to put Courtney Govan, who is an auditor out of the competition. Loretta thought Govan could not sing because of the way she held the mic. However, once she started singing, everyone was shocked. Govan gave a powerful performance and blew everyone away. 

It was revealed she often performs covers of different music on her social media. With nearly 22k followers on Tik Tok, Govan often performs for her fans. She also has her YouTube channel and Instagram where she posts her music. Govan further revealed that she had the opportunity of singing for Jesse McCartney. Loretta was upset about her pick but she did not give up. 

In the end, she had the option of choosing one person to be out between the flutist and the singing server. Loretta chose to interrogate the flutist as she had her doubts about how she sang. Yet again, Loretta was wrong. She had the decision of trying to win the $100,000 or leaving the game with the money she had won. 

Loretta chose to go all in. Unfortunately, she lost as the singing server turned out to be a bad singer. 

'I Can See Your Voice' airs on Wednesdays at 9 pm ET on FOX. 

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