'I Am Shauna Rae' fans label Shauna's blind date a 'turd bucket' for ditching her

Although her blind date was canceled at the last minute, Shauna still had a fun time with her stepdad and sister

                            'I Am Shauna Rae' fans label Shauna's blind date a 'turd bucket' for ditching her
Mark, Shauna and Rylee on 'I Am Shauna Rae' (TLC)

For 'I Am Shauna Rae's star, Shauna Rae, dating has proven to be quite the challenge. However, Shauna doesn't let much hold her back and while she has had her trust broken in the past, she doesn't allow that to interfere with her future. After having not much luck with online dating, Shauna decided that maybe a matchmaker was the way to go.

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For Shauna, going on blind dates such as this one often meant that someone from her family had to drive her there. It was another reason she hoped to be able to drive to have her own independence. With her stepdad Mark and sister Rylee tagging along to drop, they made their way to the bowling alley where Shauna was supposed to meet her blind date. However, halfway there, Shauna got a text saying that her date cancelled on her, seeing that he chickened out. Instead of being upset, Shauna was thankful, as she explained that her date didn't have a car and that, according to her, was not a good sign. However, she and her family decided to go bowling anyway, making a fun evening out of it. While Shauna wasn't too hung up on her date cancelling, fans were not thrilled by it. However, they agreed with Shauna's logic, noting that she was better off without him. 

"The blind date not having a car shows he wasnโ€™t good for Shauna in the first place! #IAmShaunaRae " tweeted a fan. "Poor Shauna but if a guy is going to be like that you don't need him @TLC #IAmShaunaRae" added another. "Agree Shauna. If he doesnt have a car, chances are he's a #IAmShaunaRae" noted a fan. "He's a turd bucket for cancelling. #IAmShaunaRae" declared a fan. "Disappointing that the guy canceled on Shauna for their blind date... #IAmShaunaRae" added another. 












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