'I Am Jazz': Jazz chooses Harvard but fans wonder if it was due to parental pressure

'I Am Jazz': Jazz chooses Harvard but fans wonder if it was due to parental pressure
Jazz Jennings (TLC)

Jazz Jennings has finally made up her mind. For a long time, Jazz was battling with the decision of choosing a college that would be good for her and fortunately, she made up her mind about going to Harvard University. The reality star was stuck between Pomona College and Harvard University. 

While her parents wanted her to choose Harvard, Jazz thought that Pomona might be a better choice being a transgender. She felt more at ease at Pomona and worried that Harvard will give her the stress that she isn't prepared to have in her life. 

Despite this, her parents seemed convinced that Harvard would be a better choice as only a few get a chance to say that they graduated from Harvard. They even took Jazz for a visit to the university to change her mind and after spending a lot of time thinking over this, Jazz announced that she would be going to Harvard. 

Her parents were more than happy and her mother Jeanette took a sigh of relief as she felt pleased that Jazz had chosen Harvard. However, her decision left a few surprised. For instance, her grandmother thought that Jazz would have chosen Pomona over Harvard. Jazz's grandmother thought that Pomona would have given Jazz an experience like the one she was looking for. 


She was worried that the stress that going to Harvard brings will be too much for Jazz knowing that she had a lot on her plate. Fans agreed with her and questioned if Jazz's decision was entirely her own or was she trying to please her parents. 

"I agree with Grandma Hundred points symbol. Jazz’s parents wanted Harvard, esp. her Mom. 'To be able to tell people my daughter’s going to Harvard.' Uh, okay. That’s a good reason," read one comment.

Another echoed similar thoughts and wrote, "The only one I see that knows her n wants her to have what she wants is her Grandmother, Harvard was picked for her parents, not for herself... talk about Year's of pressure! (sic)"

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