'I Am Jazz': Jazz decides to organize a drag show to raise money for Noelle's gender confirmation surgery

Jazz is going to make sure that she is always there for her friends and this time, she is lending a hand by organizing a drag show

                            'I Am Jazz': Jazz decides to organize a drag show to raise money for Noelle's gender confirmation surgery

Jazz Jennings has always been an advocate for transgender and there was no doubt that she was going to come forward for her friend when she needed help. Jazz decided to help her friend, Noelle Jaclyn, whose gender confirmation surgery was put on hold after her insurance company informed her that her insurance would not cover the costs. 

Noelle felt helpless as she could not think of a way to raise enough money that would help her get the surgery. Luckily for her, Jazz was there with all her support. She knew that it would be hard to raise a large sum of money unless they organized a big show. This made her think of organizing a drag show as she thought they would be able to generate money easily. 

While she thought it would make for a good idea, she knew she need a little help from other people. She first asked her brother, Sander Jennings, if he would be interested in walking down the ramp in drag. Unexpectedly, Sander was all for the idea and thought that he could be called "Sanderlina".

Quite similar to Sander's reaction was her grandpa Jack's. He was excited to be part of it and was willing to participate. Jazz thought that her brother, Griffin Jennings, and father Greg Jennings, would have a similar reaction but she was proved wrong. 

Griffin was not comfortable wearing makeup while Greg did not seem enthusiastic about participating in the show dressed in drag. Even though Jazz was disappointed, she decided to respect their decision and continue to work on the show. 

However, the stress of making it all right was taking a toll on her. She felt the pressure of making sure that everything is set up properly and they are able to raise enough money for the surgery. Thinking about all these things lead to Jazz binge eating and spiraling down again. While the pressure is still there, Jazz wonders if the drag show would be a success. 

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