'I am Jazz': Jazz breaks down in front of family as she opens up about her depression and anxiety

Jazz Jennings finally opened up about her feelings but it has left the family shocked and worried about her mental health

                            'I am Jazz': Jazz breaks down in front of family as she opens up about her depression and anxiety
Jazz Jennings (TLC)

Jazz Jennings has always tried to be there for others but it looks like people missed the signs of her wanting someone by her side. In today's (March 10) episode, Jazz decided to gather everyone in one room and finally open up about how she was feeling. At first, the family was uncertain what the conversation was about as Jazz had never done something like this before. 

As everyone took their seat, Jazz opened up about being a role model for others and trying to be positive all the time. She then confessed that things were not easy for her. She admitted that she had struggled with a lot of things and one of them happened to be depression.

"I have struggled a lot but I just want to be happy," a teary-eyed Jazz told her family. Jazz also revealed that there had been many times when her anxiety got the better of her. She had also mentioned that she experienced emotions deeply. Even though there had been times when she experienced happiness a lot, there were tough days when she struggled with her anxiety. To make things worse, she felt the pressure of delivering a valedictorian speech.

She decided that she would rework on the speech and deliver something that she would be happy about. Her family was shocked to see Jazz cry uncontrollably and they knew that it was serious. Jazz's mother Jeanette revealed that this was the first time Jazz had mentioned the word depression. She knew that Jazz had struggled but she had never mentioned earlier that she was depressed.

Meanwhile, Jazz's grandma Jacky added that Jazz's breakdown was a call for help. She knew that what Jazz was going through was much more than just the speech and she thought that her breakdown was because of months or even years of struggle that she had bottled up. 

Jazz's grandpa Jack also echoed similar thoughts and stated that it would be good for Jazz to seek medical help. While she decided to keep that discussion for another day, one thing that was clear to the family was that she was not alright. 

'I am Jazz' airs on Tuesdays at 9 pm ET on TLC.

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