Charlize Theron's 'Hyperdrive' is the ultimate adrenaline rush as world's top street car racers tackle dangerous courses

The top 12 drivers who make it to the 'Knockout' rounds battle their way to the top to prove that they have what it takes to be the best elite street car drivers in the world

                            Charlize Theron's 'Hyperdrive' is the ultimate adrenaline rush as world's top street car racers tackle dangerous courses

Netflix's new adrenaline-packed competitive street car showdown 'Hyperdrive' is here!

A collaboration between Charlize Theron and the production team behind 'Battlebots', the show brings together racers from different backgrounds to take on a unique, illuminated course that was built over 100 acres on the grounds of Kodak's Eastman Business Park in Rochester, New York and required over 70 cameras to capture all of the action.

The series is going to have a lot of racer fans hyped up for the show as elite drivers from across the world gather at the Eastman Business Park. Set to drop on Netflix on August 21, it features 28 drivers who compete to win a place in the top 12 as the competition gets tougher with each round over the 10-episode show.

The top 12 drivers who made it to the 'Knockout' rounds will battle their way to the top and prove they deserve to be the world's best! 

Alexandre and Axel from France, Joao and Diego Higa from Brazil, Corrina and Alex from Germany, Atsushi from Japan and Brittany, Sara Haro, Faruk, Jordan and Fielding Shredder from the United States of America make it to the top 12.

'Hyperdrive' will bring to Netflix to get all the race car dreamers off their seats

These drivers will be put to the ultimate test of their abilities as they compete on courses that have been set out to be more difficult and dangerous with each round. The 'Knockout' rounds include a Rockford turn at the Supernova while the newly added section of the track called Pipe City will be another challenge the racers will have to overcome.

The hardest hurdle for the racers will be to maintain time and balance on the monster bridge called the Leveler which will test them on the basis of courage and finesse in controlling their vehicles. The Leveler in this first round of the Knockout will have a time span of one minute to balance the car at the right angle for 10 seconds to avoid a penalty. This obstacle course will be the ultimate test to find out if the racers have truly mastered the art of how to control their wheels.

The 12 racers will be graded on the leaderboard based on the total time they take to complete the course. With each penalty, more time gets added to their limit. The racers who place last on the board will be inevitably eliminated while the next two slowest racers will be made to compete in a head-to-head elimination showdown to prove who wants it more.

Diego Higa, the 21-year-old racer on 'Hyperdrive', wants to make his father proud (Netflix)

The youngest driver among the 12 racers who made it to the top in his first 'Knockout' round was 21-year-old Diego Higa. His father Neto Higa was a former racer and is now Diego's trainer. his dad is his spotter for 'Hyperdrive' and racing means everything for the father-son duo. 

In the second round of the 'Knockout' racecourse, the Leveler hurdle becomes more intense as the time is reduced to 90 seconds. Diego places fourth in this round as he had one penalty, but the young boy's ambition lives on as he qualifies for the next round. Will he win or will one of the other ace drivers make it to the top? 

'Hyperdrive', the 10-episode showdown premieres on Netflix on August 21.

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