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Is Hyatt pro-Nazi? Hotel group slammed for CPAC stage design, Internet says 'never staying there again'

'Guess you did Nazi that coming', says the Internet, boycotting the hotel chain
UPDATED FEB 28, 2021
Hyatt is accused for designing the main stage for the CPAC 2021 as a Nazi symbol (mjfree/Twitter)
Hyatt is accused for designing the main stage for the CPAC 2021 as a Nazi symbol (mjfree/Twitter)

Hyatt Hotels defended its decision to host the 2021 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Friday, at a time when the political climate becomes increasingly volatile, citing its belief that individuals and organizations ought to be able to peacefully gather and express their own views. The three-day event by the American multinational hospitality company is being held at the Hyatt Regency Orlando in Florida, featuring a slew of prominent Republican speakers from lawmakers and former administration officials to former President Donald Trump, who is scheduled to take the stage at 3.40 pm EST on Sunday.

“We take pride in operating a highly inclusive environment and we believe that the facilitation of gatherings is a central element of what we do as a hospitality company,” a spokesperson for Hyatt told FOX Business, adding that they believe in the right of people to peacefully express their views independently. However, the Internet went into a frenzy and began to boycott Hyatt after they noticed that the stage set up for the national conference was built in the shape of the Nazi insignia. "The #CPAC stage is designed to be a rune used by the Nazis. Curious if @Hyatt is okay with Nazi symbols being used on their properties like this?" ask netizens.


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'Guess you did Nazi that coming'

People were livid. "Hyatt turned their stage into a nazi symbol in order to host CPAC. Boycott this symbol of hatred," said a Twitter user, while another said, "The #Hyatt + #QPAC = a #Nazi insignia?!?! This is totally f'd up. Mark my word, @Hyatt , I will NEVER EVER stay at ANY of your hotels again. Choices have consequences. You better hope there's enough well off patrons in the #TrumpCult to keep your rooms occupied. #boycottHYATT". Others agreed that there were plenty of other places to stay. "Boycott Hyatt! There are plenty of other places to stay than at Nazi loving hotels."

Some put it in a more lighthearted manner, mentioning that Hyatt did not see that coming for them. "Hyatt and Nazi are trending at the same time because they are hosting a group of White Supremacists whose stage is an actual Nazi logo. Guess you did Nazi that coming, did you @Hyatt?" said a tweet.





'Hyatt- official home of the Nazis'

"So @hyatt is officially home of the Nazi’s now?" wondered one. Some wondered why the Hyatt administration went on with the decision. "We can’t expect @Hyatt folks to have recognized the stage design when #CPAC submitted it. But once it was shown to them they had constructed a stage in the shape of Nazi symbol used by white supremacists, @hyatt had a decision to make. They made the wrong choice #boycottHYATT", said a tweet. Another said, "@Hyatt I was a frequent traveller pre-pandemic. I loved staying at Hyatt. Looking at the footage of the @CPAC I can not imagine myself ever staying at a Hyatt again. Especially not the @HyattOrlando. The stage has been decorated in a Nazi pattern. You are helping support a lie." "They just posted a response about "being inclusive" which is being amplified by Huckabee and Dobbs. Popcorn time!", said another tweet.