'Hustlers': Release date, plot, cast, trailer and everything you need to know about the upcoming Jennifer Lopez-Cardi B starrer

'Hustlers': Release date, plot, cast, trailer and everything you need to know about the upcoming Jennifer Lopez-Cardi B starrer

'Hustlers', the new upcoming movie based on an article published in a New York magazine in 2016 by Jessica Pressler titled "The Hustlers at the scores", is a story based on a group of savvy strippers who made their living by conning their clients belonging to a group of elite men.

The article gave an indepth overview into the lives of the strippers including the tactics of how they manipulated their clients into shedding extra bucks, indirectly stealing from them. The life of a stripper is one in which respect is not taken into consideration hence this group of savvy strippers handles the situation in their own way.

Making the plot of the movie even more worth the watch is the stellar woman cast, including Jennifer Lopez, Madeline Brewer, Constance Wu, Cardi B and more. Here's everything you need to know about 'Hustlers':


Release date  

After news of the movie being something to look forward to dropped, Jennifer Lopez, who plays one of the lead characters in the movie posted on her Instagram feed that the official release date of the movie would be September 13, 2019. 


The plot is based on the article "The Hustlers at the scores" which mainly highlights a group of savvy strippers who steal money from their rich men clientele. The story will follow the life of these stripper employees, the main lead chick Ramona played by Jennifer Lopez along with Dawn, another stripper played by Madeline Brewer.

The plot of the movie then begins to thicken as another member of this savvy group Destiny played by Constance Wu decides to set a bunch of norms to follow in their game plan to con the men in order to avoid making silly mistakes while on the job. Dawn then becomes the reason for a backlash in their game plan giving the story a totally new twist. 


Well known singer, producer, actor and symbol of strong womanhood Jennifer Lopez plays one of the leading roles as Ramona, the ringleader.

 Jennifer Lopez is all set to do her thing in the upcoming movie (Getty Images)

Madeline Brewer will also play a key role as Dawn. The all-star woman cast movie will also feature Constance Wu playing the role of "rule maker" Destiny. The other actors who will also be a part of the movie are Cardi-B, Keke Palmer, Julie Stiles, Oscar-winning Mercedes Ruehl and singer-songwriter Usher. 


Famously known for her work in 'Nick and Norah's infinite playlist, playwriter, actress, film director Lorene Scafaria made her debut in 2012 with 'Seeking a Friend for the End of the World'. She is all set to make an even bigger showcase of her talent as a director with 'Hustlers'.

Director Lorene Scafaria (Getty Images)


The movie's trailer released on July 17. All the updates that have been making rounds on social media on the upcoming movie have made fans crave for more on the glamour-filled, sexy and unique overview into the plot of the story. 



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