Enraged man chokes wife to death and hangs himself while son, 2, slept after tiff over mom-in-law turns ugly

Couple's lodger broke in through the bathroom window to find the husband dead in the hallway while the woman was lifeless on the bathroom floor

                            Enraged man chokes wife to death and hangs himself while son, 2, slept after tiff over mom-in-law turns ugly

In a fit of rage, an angry husband strangled his wife to death before he committed suicide, all while their son, 2, slept in his cot, a report revealed. 32-year-old Kiril Nemcev had killed his wife Lana Nemceva, 33, in their home in Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire. Kiril and Lana had moved to the UK from Latvia. Lana had got a job as an optometrist and Kiril worked as a chef at Pizza Express. The couple had reportedly been arguing about Lana's mother moving in with them. 

It was the couple's lodger, Yuri Latchis, who discovered the bodies when he returned from work to the couple's home, Daily Mail reveals. Latchis had found Kiril and Lana's bodies when he returned from work and found the front door unlocked in September last year. He used the bathroom window to climb in at around 11 pm and found Lana. According to an investigation, Kiril had been found unresponsive and was in the hallway. His wife was found lifeless on the bathroom floor. Kiril had a superficial stab wound to his stomach which is believed to have been inflicted by Lana before he strangled and choked her using a chokehold. The couple's son, 2, was asleep in his cot in his bedroom and was unharmed. Toxicology reports revealed that Kiril had no drugs in his system but did have a small amount of alcohol. 

A hearing that took place at the South Staffordshire Coroner's Court found that Kiril had been taking medication for anxiety and had also done research on getting a divorce prior to attacking Lana. Detective Chief Inspector Dan Ison from Staffordshire Police spoke at the hearing and shared, "Lana's mother lived at the property at times as well. She was abroad and back home on the day in question. The lodger was at work. He returned home shortly after 11 pm and found that he couldn't get into the house as he would normally. He had to gain access through his own bathroom window which was insecure. He then found the bodies of Kiril and Lana and made contact with the emergency services to notify us. Following extensive forensic examination, such as blood pattern analysis experts, we are satisfied that there is no third party involvement and Kiril hung himself." 

He continued, "Working with the available facts that I have is the knife that was recovered from the bathroom next to Lana's body was more than likely used to inflict such an injury on Kiril. It is my belief that it was potentially Lana who may have inflicted that injury on Kiril." Ison shared that Kiril did have some anxiety issues and had also been speaking to his local GP about it. He added how Lana's mother moving in with them had definitely put a strain on the couple's relationship. "I think the relationship had broken down and I'm aware from telecoms they were researching around divorce Lawyers and separation," Ison said.

According to pathologist Dr. Charlotte Louise Randall, "The post mortem examination revealed evidence of compression of the neck or strangulation. Whatever the method, there is little doubt the pressure on her neck had been sufficiently forceful and prolonged to result in death."

At the time of the murder-suicide, a family friend had started a GoFundMe account. 

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