Husband devastated as wife collapses, dies hours after eating meal at resort on last day of holiday in Egypt

Husband devastated as wife collapses, dies hours after eating meal at resort on last day of holiday in Egypt

A woman who was on holiday with her husband in Egypt passed away within 24 hours of eating a meal on the last night of their vacation.

Alison Sonnex, 54, and her husband Clive Eversfield from Kent both fell very sick after eating at a restaurant in the Royal Tulip beach resort in Marsa Alam. 

The pair suffered from diarrhea and vomiting for around seven hours before Alison collapsed when they were trying to leave in April last year.

As reported by Kent Live, Clive shared that they had walked to the foyer where his 54-year-old wife had collapsed.

"I was not strong enough to hold her up. The staff helped carry her," he revealed.

Alison was checked and given oxygen by the hotel doctor after which she was taken to hospital and put on drips. 

According to Clive, Alison was conscious for quite a while and had also texted their neighbor to let them know that she was in the hospital and that they needed to feed the cat.


However, after two and a half hours, her condition rapidly worsened and she was unable to speak.

Alison was rushed to the intensive care unit and after several resuscitation attempts, as they were unable to revive Alison.

She went into cardiac arrest twice and died. "I was stunned. I didn’t go on holiday to lose Alison," Clive shared. 

While Clive was receiving treatment for dehydration, he was told that his wife had died.

An inquest in Sandwich heard that Clive, who is a retired engineer, had told the police in an interview, "She died due to a drop in her blood circulation."

He also added that he did not attribute criminal blame for her death.

According to the hotel's general manager, food poisoning in such a case would not be possible given none of the other guests had reported experiencing this. 

Clive also mentioned in the inquest that the couple had noticed that two hotel rooms close to theirs were taped up during the stay.

He shared that there was a "smell of cleaning fluid" from the entryway to the area.


An advocate for Thomas Cook shared that the rooms were undergoing "general refurbishment". 

Clive also revealed that he was interviewed by the police two hours after Alison died even though he was still on drips. 

"I was asked to give a statement while in a state of shock. That statement, I think was taken under duress. I had just lost someone, it was a ridiculous time to interview someone," he shared.

He had also refused to sign a written statement as he could not read Arabic. 

A post mortem examination which was done in Egypt showed that there was a tear in Alison's heart but a pathologist from the William Harvey Hospital in Ashford said that it was likely caused by CPR or during the autopsy.

The pathologist shared that Alison's death was "most likely to be gastroenteritis." 


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 Husband devastated couple diarrhea wife collapses dies hours after eating meal at resort holiday