Hurricane Florence forces couple to change their wedding plans, as another Hurricane comes to their rescue

Hurricane Florence forced Marsha Bradbury and Jon Gillenwater to change their wedding venue and to get married in the town of Hurricane in West Virginia

                            Hurricane Florence forces couple to change their wedding plans, as another Hurricane comes to their rescue

Amongst all the damage and destruction that Hurricane Florence is causing, this couple's initial wedding plans are surely among them.

Marsha Bradbury and Jon Gillenwater had planned for long to get married this weekend at a massive holiday home on the Outer Banks. However, they were absolutely crushed and disappointed when they had to abandon their wedding plans as their dream location was directly in the path of the massive storm and left the couple no alternative but to find a new location. 

Forced to change the venue of their marriage, the couple will finally be able to tie the knot miles away in a town called Hurricane in West Virginia.

(Source: YouTube)
(Source: YouTube)

Jon Gillenwater told WCHS, "I was telling [Marsha] for four days that everything would be ok and the storm will pass further north than us and that we will be fine" to which Marsha added, "That didn’t happen. We have sunk a bunch of money into it. Sunk a bunch of money into décor. Pretty much anything you could imagine".

A week away from her wedding, Bradbury contacted Hurricane Mayor Scott Edwards to see if he could be of help. However, pretty much all the places were booked for the scheduled Sunday of the wedding.

Under normal circumstances, the Hurricane City Hall in Putnam County is not used for weddings but given the situation, Edwards stepped in and decided to make an exception.

"It just hit us, wait a second, let’s use City Hall. We don’t do weddings, but this was the right thing to do. She’s already planned on going to the coast and having a wonderful wedding on the coast, but the second best thing, have a wedding here in Hurricane during the hurricane," mayor Edwards said.

The couple then went on to make the necessary arrangements and also managed to get a West Virginia marriage license.

Marsha said, "I have finally stopped crying. We will be worrying about everyone who may get caught up in Florence, but hope everything will work out well".

While one Hurricane is expected to wreak havoc in the Carolinas in the next days, another will be blessing a couple for their matrimonial journey together.