Remember Florida Man? Well, he's back and showing Hurricane Florence exactly who's boss

Hurricane Florence's raging winds and rainfall end up being the perfect stage for Florida Man Lane Pittman

                            Remember Florida Man? Well, he's back and showing Hurricane Florence exactly who's boss

If you want to see a video showing Murica's defining moment after Hurricane Florence made landfall, then you're in luck. Internet users made sure that Lane Pittman – the man who became a viral sensation in 2016 and was dubbed The Florida Man for holding a US flag and headbanging while standing in the strong winds – was in Myrtle Beach when the latest storm hit the coast.

In spite of the authorities urging everyone in the area to evacuate, or at least stay in a secure area of their own home, Pittman was seen holding the flag proudly and battling the 85mph winds as heavy metal music blasts in the background.

Florence was forcast to make landfall in the beginning at or near Myrtle Beach but ended up landing more north than was originally projected. The hurricane's raging winds and rainfall ended up being the perfect stage for Pittman to take on the storm. Fox News reported that the video went viral on Twitter with more than 6,000 views in less than three hours.


Speaking to the news station on why he did what he did in the middle of a hurricane, Pittman said: "Just being free and American. I don't let nothing oppress me, especially no dang, freaking hurricane." When he was then asked if he was doing this just to go viral on social media, he said: "I’ve already been viral."

The man first started making headbanging hurricane videos back in 2016 when Hurricane Matthew made landfall in his homestate of Florida. He captioned the post: "Had a request for some hair action during the ‘cane. I granted it."

The video has about 27 million views on the social media site now. When Hurricane Irma hit last year, Pittman went all out and made a video that was set to the song called 'Raining Blood' by Slayer.

It's obvious at this point that the song has now become the title track of Pittman's headbanging in the middle of hurricanes. This year, he started a GoFundMe page that asked for money to pay for gas and coffee so that he could go from Jacksonville, Florida to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. Of the $150 goal on the page, he raised $190 in less than a day. The campaign now shows that it has exceeded it's orginal goal and now has $850. One person who donated $15 said: "The Cane Must Be Slain!"

Pittman found fame in 2015 after Fox News wrote an article about the Neptune Beach Police issuing him a citation for breaking the peace at a 4th of July celebration by playing a loud cover son of "The Star-Spangled Banner" as well as a verse of Ted Nugent's "Stanglehold".