Huntington Beach: Shocking KKK fliers for White Lives Matter rally go viral as Americans protest to shut it down

The City Council said it would allow the rally to go ahead if it did not incite violence

                            Huntington Beach: Shocking KKK fliers for White Lives Matter rally go viral as Americans protest to shut it down
The Huntington Beach rally will be held on April 11 (Getty Images / Twitter)

An upcoming White Lives Matter rally at California's Huntington Beach has drawn flak after residents of the Orange County town found themselves flooded with flyers, prominently featuring the Ku Klux Klan's logo, last week. With the headline 'White Lives Do Matter', the flyers said some people are afraid to "stand up for their heritage because they are afraid of being called a racist."

The controversial literature was denounced both on social media and by the town's leaders. Huntington Beach Mayor Kim Carr also said, "The KKK is not welcome in Huntington Beach." Nonetheless, the protest is set to take place on Sunday, April 11.


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Huntington Beach fliers (Twitter)


The City Council said it would allow the rally to go ahead if it did not incite violence. Lt. Brian Smith, a spokesman for the council, told LA Times that Klan imagery and confederate flags would be allowed. "That’s all protected speech," Smith said. "Even though that is disturbing and shocks most people’s consciences, it’s still a protected right they have to display those images." Police have announced that they will be present in larger-than-usual numbers at the rally. They will also deploy a mounted unit and "aviation assets".  

There have been plans for counterprotests as well, but any such demonstrations will take place without the support of the Black Lives Matter movement. In an email sent to BLM supporters, the organization said it does not support counter-protesting. "We must not be reactionary to White supremacy, but protective of our communities" the email reads. 

An email set to BLM supporters regarding counter-protesting at Huntington Beach. (@HowILostAllMyFs via Twitter)

Despite the lack of support from BLM, reactions online have clearly shown strong support for counterprotests. However, most of the debate online seems to be squarely targeted at the Republican stronghold. 

'Living in Huntington beach is so embarrassing'

Social media users did not mince their words when it came to slamming the protests. Many called out the town for letting the protests take place. One user said, "living in huntington beach is so embarrassing". Another person tweeted, "When you see Huntington Beach trending and immediately know it's some racist white ppl shit".



Independent Congressional candidate Steve Cox tweeted, "Huntington Beach is the Florida of California". Another user echoed a similar sentiment, saying "No Californian is ever surprised to see Huntington Beach trending for foolishness. Huntington Beach is the Florida of California." Another joked, "Petition to change the city name Huntington Beach to Lil Florida"




Another person said, "Thank god I have Sunday off! I don’t want to deal with the SHIT SHOW that’s about to happen on Sunday in Huntington Beach. Whenever Huntington Beach trends, it’s never a good fucking thing". One user slammed the town saying, "Huntington Beach is the cancer of Southern California, and their residents are pieces of shit"




A protestor holds a Trump mask during demonstration on May 01, 2020 in Huntington Beach, California. (Getty Images)

The city of 200,000 population has been a magnet for white supremacy for decades. In the 1980s and 1990s, racists frequently attacked minorities in the town, often leading to their deaths. Last year, the city was also the host of a large anti-mask protest and supporters for former President Trump. As the LA Times noted, "for each peaceful protest the city hosts, an equally outraged gathering seems to appear in its stead."

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