How many copies did Hunter Biden's 'Beautiful Things' sell? POTUS' son to write sequel to 'FLOP' autobiography

POTUS' son revealed that he wants to write a second book focussing on his romance with wife Melissa Cohen and says he feels 'an obligation' to tell the story

                            How many copies did Hunter Biden's 'Beautiful Things' sell? POTUS' son to write sequel to 'FLOP' autobiography
Hunter Biden and his book 'Beautiful Things' (Getty Images/ Simon & Schuster)

Despite reportedly being an underwhelming "flop", Hunter Biden has no plans to stop writing. President Joe Biden's son revealed he wants to write a sequel to his autobiography, saying he had an "obligation" to do so. 

The second book would focus on Hunter's romance with South African filmmaker Melissa Cohen, who he married just a week after they met. His first autobiography titled 'Beautiful Things' ends on that note, and does not dive further into their relationship. "That's where the book ends, but the one thing I really do feel almost an obligation to speak about or write about in the future is where the real hard work begins," he said in an interview with the Mad World Podcast. 


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Joe Biden fields questions as his son Hunter Biden looks on at a campaign stop at 180 Main Pub and Restaurant December 9, 2007, in Dubuque, Iowa (Getty Images)

The memoir was heavily promoted by Hunter with appearances on CBS, Jimmy Kimmel, CNN and BBC. Yet, it failed to make a large impact. Despite the Biden name, the intrigue surrounding his life and the various controversies he has been a part of, the book hardly sold any copies. 

How many copies did Hunter Biden sell?

'Beautiful Things' went on sale on April 6, and according to reports, it sold only around 10,600 copies. The book debuted at No. 12 on Publisher's Weekly hardcover nonfiction chart. By the end of the week, it dropped from number 5 to 208 on Amazon. The Daily Mail also reported that the book "remained No. 4 on The New York Times bestsellers list for 'Combined Print & E-Book Nonfiction'," that week.

Those less-than-impressive numbers proved that there weren't any takers for Biden's story and the book reportedly turned out to be a flop. In contrast, Michelle Obama's 'Becoming' sold 1.4M copies in its first week. In the book, Biden talks about his addiction woes, losing his brother to cancer and his affair with stripper Lunden Roberts. Notably, he did not address the controversial laptop or the images and videos stored on it. 

The controversies surrounding Hunter nearly derailed his father's presidential campaign but didn't prove to be as damaging as Republicans hoped. "It had the exact opposite effect of what they thought it would have," he told the podcast about the constant attack on his addiction. The book ends with Hunter meeting Cohen, who helped him overcome his addiction. 

Dr Jill Biden, Hunter Biden, his son with wife Melissa Cohen and other members of Joe Biden's family attend a ceremony at the Major Joseph R "Beau" Biden III National Guard/Reserve Center on January 19, 2021, in New Castle, Delaware (Getty Images)

Biden was reportedly paid a massive $2M advance to write 'Beautiful Things', which was published by Simon & Schuster. On release, it was widely panned by critics and clearly did not have the sales Hunter was hoping for. Clearly, though, it's not a major concern for the president's son. Hunter never revealed before that he was planning a sequel, so the news does come as a surprise. But if it is anything like the first one, it could gloss over the more controversial aspects of his life, which is what people are more interested in. 

Hunter is still under immense scrutiny over the laptop that reportedly belongs to him, as well as his business dealings with Ukraine and China. While Republicans including the former president have frequently mocked him for it, neither he nor his father has been overly bothered. Hunter told the podcast the attention was "comical at times" and that his critics "'are cartoon characters of themselves".

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