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'Fedex or overnight mail’: Hunter Biden allegedly begged Maryland’s most wanted criminal to send him drugs at LA hotel

Messages found on an abandoned hard drive show Hunter communicated with Voshawn Sample over several months in 2018, pleading to send him drugs
Hunter Biden (L) allegedly begged one Voshawn Sample to mail him crack cocaine at a luxury hotel (Handout/DNCC/Getty Images and Anne Arundel County PD)
Hunter Biden (L) allegedly begged one Voshawn Sample to mail him crack cocaine at a luxury hotel (Handout/DNCC/Getty Images and Anne Arundel County PD)

ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND: Hunter Biden, famous attorney, and son of US president Joe Biden allegedly requested one of the most wanted criminals, Voshawn Sample for drugs over a suspicious text message. The request for the drugs was found on one of Hunter's abandoned hard drive. The same was made as he stayed in the five-star West Hollywood hotel in June 2018. 

Hunter, 52, was staying in the hotel with the identity of Joseph Smith. The criminal, Sample, 47 is wanted for an armed robbery and first-degree assault at a liquor store in Glen Burnie, Maryland. The sample was described as “armed, dangerous, and unpredictable” when his story appeared on the Fox Baltimore show Maryland’s Most Wanted in November 2021.


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The President's son messaged the 'most wanted' criminal 

According to The Sun, Messages between Hunter and a number registered to Sample show that Hunter Biden has a solid connection with the most wanted criminal. The first message between the duo can be seen in May 2018, when Hunter wrote: “Can you find something for me.”

Another text sent by Hunter On June 12 says, “Man same thing. I really can’t believe you did that to me 3 times. I’m finished man. I thought you were the last honest man in the life.” To which Sample responded, “When you come home please come to my house and I don’t want you to bring a dollar with you buddy. "

Sample is a panhandler who allegedly has a  solid connection with Hunter Biden (Anne Arundel County PD)
Voshawn Sample was described as 'armed, dangerous and unpredictable' when his case aired on Maryland’s Most Wanted last year (Anne Arundel County PD)

He then added, “I’m gonna be honest with you my mother has been on vacation and I couldn’t cook anything up in my house because my mother has been acting crazy lately.”Hunter further responded that he felt "the biggest sucker in Annapolis”, to which Sample promised, “I’m gonna right my wrongs”. Later on June 19, Sample wrote Hunter to say: “Call me buddy. I still have that for you I promise. Is you gonna come and get what’s yours.” However, Hunter replied, “FEDEX or overnight Mail at Post Office to Guest Joseph Smith (HB). 8221 Sunset Boulevard Los Angeles, California. Chateau Marmont Hotel.”

Hunter Biden attends the Artists And Athletes Alliance red carpet event at Inaugural Honors ServiceNation, held at Cafe Milano in Georgetown January 19, 2009 Washington, DC.
Hunter Biden allegedly begged one of Maryland’s 'most wanted' criminals to mail him crack cocaine at a luxury LA hotel

 Later that day Hunter sent Sample the street address for the Chateau Marmont hotel and instructed him that he was staying there under the guest name Joseph Smith (HB). However, the drugs were not delivered. On July 7, 2018, the president’s son messaged, “So you never sent anything like you said you would… why am I talking to you.” Meanwhile, Sample responded on July 27, “I go court Tuesday can you please help me pay my lawyer.”

President of the United States Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden  and Hunter Biden (son of Joe Biden) talk during a college basketball game between Georgetown Hoyas and the Duke Blue Devils on January 30, 2010 at the Verizon Center in Washington DC.
Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden made the ask in a suspicious text exchange found on Hunter Biden’s abandoned hard drive (Mitchell Layton/Getty Images)

The following day Hunter wrote back: “Buddy I can do $800. I’m sending you a code. Go to Wells Fargo ATM and call me.” After sending more instructions, Sample continued texting Hunter but he appears to have stopped replying. The last message between the duo states, that Sample writing to Hunter to say: “Call me when you get time. Hope all is well. Love you. What happen.”

Who is Voshawn Sample and why was he on 'Maryland's most wanted?'

According to The Sun, On September 30, 2021, Sample went to a liquor store in Glen Burnie, Maryland, and pulled out a gun after the owner of Champion Liquors refused to give him money. Sample allegedly kept the owner and an employee at gunpoint of the store and took a total of $10,000.

The criminal is wanted for an armed robbery and first-degree assault at a liquor store in Glen Burnie, Maryland. Sample was described as “armed, dangerous and unpredictable” and was on Maryland’s Most Wanted list in November 2021. The US Marshal’s Service was offering a $2,500 reward for information about Sample’s whereabouts while he was on the run. 

Senior Inspector Tony Gause told Maryland’s Most Wanted TV show at the time: “He is a threat to anybody that he could panhandle to or anybody that comes across his path." He then added, “Whether it was narcotics driven or just desperation driven he definitely did a crime that he needs to answer to.”