Human Ken Doll's passport was cut up by officials because he looked nothing like his old self

Rodrigo Alves has had cosmetic surgery that has cost him more than £500,000 or $667,450 to transform him completely

                            Human Ken Doll's passport was cut up by officials because he looked nothing like his old self
Rodrigo Alves (Getty Images)

34-year-old Rodrigo Alves has gone under the knife to change his appearance. The surgeries all put together cost him more than £500,000 or $667,450. This has given him the name of the Human Ken Doll. The procedures that Alves has done to himself have completely transformed his look.

This has gone on to such an extent that the Ken Doll was stopped at the airport and officials there cut up his British passport. As one can guess, this was because the surgeries have given Alves a completely different face and the officials said the picture on the passport looked nothing like him.

The style phenomenon and Instagram star said that the incident did not affect him. The moment he landed in London on May 31, he dressed in a striking outfit made his way to Novikov restaurant.

Alves told the Daily Mail that the moment he landed in the UK sometime last week he was stopped for his passport picture. He lives a lavish lifestyle and travels the world every couple of weeks. The star had been to Brazil recently for a chat show that he was a guest in.

The man, who is originally from Brazil, told news outlets that he was told by the British officials he didn't look anything like the man on his passport picture. They allegedly told him that he could be anyone and that the man in the picture could be someone else entirely. This dramatic change in his look is because of all the years of treatments.

Alves still has six more months of validity on his passport left. He said, "I felt really embarrassed because everyone was looking at me as if I was being fraudulent." The star felt incredibly embarrassed by the incident and took immediate measures to correct the problem.

"I explained that I have had lots of work done and said look at all my stamps and visas on my British passport. But the officer was blunt and cut the edges of my passport and referred me to get a new one."

The Italian Big Brother sensation then told the publication that he has had trouble in the past while traveling for the drastic change in his looks. He also said that he has been stuck at airports while in Dubai and India earlier before he was let into the country.

The television personality then said, "I also go to the U.S. often, but since I have an issued visa and maybe they are more understanding about plastic surgeries, I never had any issue." Alves has dreams of having his own talk show very soon.

In spite of him being put through all the trouble, he has insisted that he will always be "totally pro-security" and that he respects the jobs that the airport security has to do diligently every day.

The pro-plastic surgery man said that after this particular incident, he is officially finished with having plastic surgery and that he wants to concentrate on looking after himself and his body more. Alves also now has a brand new passport.

He said, "I want to concentrate on my self as well, there is a high demand for Rodrigo Alves worldwide and now I would like to give something back to the public. My dream was never to be a doll look like but to be happy and conformable on my own skin, I love the fact that I stand out because I look different it feels good to be an individual."

Alves is currently writing an autobiography. He also stresses that he does not want other people seeing what he has done and be the one encouraging others to go through surgery. As with anything cosmetic, going under the knife also has its risks and complications.