EXCLUSIVE: A peek into the REAL lives of the world's most famous Human Barbies

A close-up on Barbies; Valeria Lukyanova, Lolo ta Bella and Victoria Wild, reveal so much about them as humans

                            EXCLUSIVE: A peek into the REAL lives of the world's most famous Human Barbies
Valeria Lukyanova (Source:Getty Images)

Ethereal and other-worldly images instantly command our double taps and attention because there is fascination involved, perhaps, that is the reason why women who are referred to as "human barbies" are mused upon, questioned, challenged, adored and hated. In a trend that included doll-like features attainable through makeup and surgeries, three particular human dolls piqued the interest of millions. We wanted to have a closer look at the much-talked-about and controversial figures; Valeria Lukyanova, Lolo ta Bella and Victoria Wild.

In an exclusive with Meaww, Valeria talks about her past life that included a fortuneteller to manipulate Hitler into the superiority of the Aryan race, followed by Lolo ta Bella, a Czech human Barbie who owns over 300 Barbie dolls and Victoria Wild, who wants to undergo a fifth breast augmentation.

Valeria Lukyanova

Not just a human doll. A spiritual guru, musician, author and Maria Orsich

Valeria can be addressed as one of the first who came across as a real-life Barbie on the Internet. With her straight blonde hair, large blue eyes and impossibly thin waistline, the world was baffled to see her pictures immediately after she won a beauty pageant 'Miss Diamond Crown of the World,' in 2007. Many dismissed her pictures and videos to be photoshopped until it turned out, it wasn't.

When I approached her for the interview, Valeria was prompt to respond saying that "superficial" questions on beauty weren't of any interest to her. Because she is more than just a human doll. She is a spiritual guru and an artist with more than 150 songs to her credit. 

Valeria goes by the spiritual name of 'Amatue,' which means the 'goddess of light,' translated from the language of ancient Atlantis, according to Valeria. She chose this name because her existence hails from the time of Atlantis, she says. "I do not hide that I lived at the time when there was  Atlantis. I remember everything from there," says Valeria adding that the ancient memory came to her when she was meditating. 

Valeria admits that since childhood she felt like she did not belong in this world. "It was very hard for me to adapt to people. I did not see anything in common between their values and mine," she says labeling the "other people" as "superficial" and calling her behavior to be "too complicated and incomprehensible."

She elaborates that she has jotted down the memories of her past life in a book she wrote in 2013 titled 'Echo from the Past.' She claims that in her past life she was a "famous medium."

"My name was Maria Orsich," she says. Now a quick search on Maria Orsich reveals that she was a fortuneteller who manipulated Hitler to believe in the superiority of the Aryan race. Maria was born in 1895 in Germany and grew up in pre-World War I. Like Valeria's belief, Maria believed that people from a far away galaxy came to earth to create an advanced race of people, which according to Maria were the 'Aryans.'

Valeria has authored a couple of books including topics such as "karmic couple," magicians and her spiritual quest. She has launched a book on her recently controversial Astral journey, which she has penned like her personal diary. Later this year, she will be releasing another book titled 'Atlantis,' she says. 

With all these claims on being metaphysical and spiritual, it is a natural cause of wonder why Valeria looks the way she does; Why looking like a Barbie doll is important for a spiritual guru?

Because for her, the body is a vessel for the spirit. "I call the body the temple of our spirit. How beautiful is your temple? Is it clean there? What does your temple look like? So is your essence," she explains. Talking about a disbalance in harmony, Valeria emphasizes that good manners, rejection of "bad habits" and good thoughts make a "well-groomed, neat person. Not only externally but also internally," she says.  

"I feel a craving for spiritual self-development. It helps me look better. What is inside is primary. And the body is secondary," she states. But for her, she does not look like a Barbie doll, her physical appearance is that of an "alien."

"My appearance is that of an alien. It's extraterrestrial, but this does not have any relation to any dolls. It's all nonsense since the level of intelligence of dolls is stagnant with no room for further growth," exclaims Valeria. She believes that she has been labeled a human doll by people who want to discredit her spiritual significance. She calls them "harassers."

"It's funny to even comment on this. The attempt to portray me just as a human doll were done by my competitors to discredit me as a spiritual teacher. But I can firmly say that they failed as my popularity as a spiritual figure is only growing in Russia and beyond," says Valeria.

Valeria's second identity comes as a musician. "I have been singing since I was a child. I play the piano, compose music and write poetry. I have more than 150 songs of my own composition, and my favorite ones include 'Past Life' and 'Atlantis.' Each song is a certain spiritual experience," she says. 

However, many people on social media pointed out how Valeria's body has transformed into a more muscular physique compared to her delicate figure when she started out being in the public eye. "I'm a vegetarian, and I eat raw food. I do not drink or smoke and for six years now, I have been doing hardcore bodybuilding," she says. "I have already scaled the Himalayas and will be going to Tibet again very soon," she adds. 

Valeria has dismissed or refused to address the plastic surgery rumor, but she tells Meaww that if plastic surgery is deemed necessary to attain an ideal look then "why not?"

In recent years, or even since her debut, Valeria has been equally adored and mocked for her looks. Now with the trend of embracing body positivity, someone like Valeria who flaunts ideal assets of the fantasy world, she is prone to negative comments. What does she do? How does she deal with it? 

"I delete them. I do not tolerate any garbage on my territory," she snaps. "I never criticize people, so I'm not interested in others criticism," she adds. But to those who look up to her for inspiration, her message is "be a diamond among the cobblestones." 

"My wish is to cultivate the purity and value of the knowledge that our ancestors left. Search, study, comprehend," she says. "Do to people as you would like them to do to you. Honesty, decency, sincerity, straightforwardness are the keys," she adds. "Purity and beauty, for me it's synonymous. I am for crystal and sterility in everything! I wish you the same, be like a diamond among the cobblestones. Work on yourself unceasingly," she adds further. 

Valeria says that she continues to work towards self-development. Her next big things planned are her advancement in meditation, sports, her organic cosmetic line and an expansion of her spiritual school. 

Lolo ta Bella 

Not just a human doll. An opera singer, a student of pedagogy and psychology, and maybe the next Nicki Minaj.

Three years ago a 16-year-old opera singer from Czech decided to start a transformative journey to look like a Barbie doll. Owning about 300 Barbies when growing up, Gabriela Jirackova was bound to become Lolo ta Bella. 

Her transformation began subtle, with hair and nail extensions. She also started playing up her attire and dabbing "expressive" make-up. Until now, she's undergone one surgery; that of the breast, going from size D to 65H. But her schedules are filled with beauty appointments. "This week, I am planning another three enhancements. First, it will be a non-invasive face contouring by fillers. Next, a thread-lift of the area between jaw and neck, and third, a radio frequency face lift," Bella candidly says. 

So far she has undergone non-invasive cosmetic enhancements which include hyaluronic acid lip filling and Botulinum toxin filling of her forehead. "I also have a permanent eyebrow (Microblading), lash and nail extensions. The rest is, so far, magic of make-up," she adds. Bella emphasizes that her makeup plays a big part in giving her the Barbie features that she does not want anyone to see her without it. "I use make-up pretty much every day. People recognize me that way, and I don’t want them to see me when I look natural," she affirms.

Lolo Ta Bella flaunts long blonde hair, heavily lashed eyes, contoured face, pink full pouts and slender body with 65H breast size. "I’m still not close to where I want to be," she says. "I would like to change my look much further and feel that this is still the beginning of my journey," she adds. 

Even though she vividly remembers her first Barbie that was a "brown-haired princess with a blue dress that could sing beautifully," her inspiration to transform into one came in with the introduction of Pixee Fox, a Swedish real-life Barbie. 

"Pixiee Fox was the one who inspired me the most. As one of the first women in the world who removed her ribs, she strived to achieve her ideal self," explains Bella. But when she got started on the journey, it was only her boyfriend who knew about her "transformation." "My boyfriend and I share the concept of artificial look as a common interest so he always supports my efforts," she says.

Earlier, Bella used to spend as much as $1,400 a month to maintain her doll-like appearance, but now it just comes for free. Almost. 

"I have moved to the phase where I do not have to pay for anything related to my look. I have agreements with different companies and clinics that I promote so the only things I invest on our travels and my own projects," Bella explains. While a lot of opportunities have sprouted for the sole reason of looking like a doll, Bella points out that not everything is a bed of roses.

"When some people look at me, they don’t see a woman who pursues a concrete, well-considered plan, who is educated and lives her life on her own terms. They see a stupid, uneducated, bigheaded ninny who doesn’t know what to do with money, so she's heedlessly spending it all on transformations," Bella sighs. "Unfortunately, a lot of people judge according to the first impression and without closer personal understanding," she adds.

A walk down the road with Bella will witness some people looking at her with admiration while another 50 percent will take pictures, only to make fun of her in social media later. The most common questions she gets asked is how heavy are her breasts and how does she handle things with such long nails. 

Bella admits that she is always under the pressure to look perfect and that takes a toll on her. "My feet are ruined because of high heels, and my long natural hair tends to dry only after five to six hours after a bath," she shares. "Another disadvantage is, of course, a loss of comfort," she adds.

Realizing the importance of a healthy lifestyle just recently, Bella started exercising just three months ago. "I weighed 42 kg just because of good genetics, but now I would like to change my looks a bit further and move towards a healthy lifestyle with good eating and exercise habits," she explains. 

Even though looking like a Barbie has only worked in Bella's favor, since this has turned out to be a sustainable profession for the teenager, she is slowly returning to her singing career.

"I have studied opera singing and worked in the field in the past. Adopting the Barbie lifestyle meant that my original profession was put aside as the media started to be interested exclusively in my look. I’m slowly returning to my career as a singer now," says Bella, adding that she has a wide vocal range.

"I would like to show people that I’m not just a Barbie with many plastic surgeries, but somebody like the new Cher or Nicki Minaj," she exclaims. "I hope within the next two years I will be able to make a living as a singer while keeping my Barbie look as an icing on the cake!" she adds.

Bella is currently pursuing pedagogy and psychology. "I’m also the ambassador of several aesthetic clinics, beauty contests and occasionally work as a photo model. I am soon starting my own Fashion & Beauty brand and planning on shooting a documentary that will allow my fans to get a glimpse of my life and my journey from Czechia to Hollywood!" she shares.

Since she has been very candid about her plastic surgery, she believes that the service should be "available to all (sane) people who decide to change any part of their body for whatever personal reasons." But at the same time, she points out that she isn't transforming herself because of low self-esteem. 

"Whatever I do, I don’t do because of low self-confidence. I've always liked my body, but at the same time I believe that a person should have a need to move further and set ever higher goals," she says. "The favorite part of my body is my eyes and small elfish ears," she laughs. "I also love my side face look very much so this is the reason why most of my pictures are taken from the side," Bella explains. 

"I believe each person should choose whatever speaks to them the most. It doesn’t matter if one wants to be natural or artificial, hairy or bald, a cook or a violinist, what matters is the satisfaction one feels doing whatever is enjoyed the most. If you find comfort in looking like a Barbie, proudly do it," Bella concludes. 

Victoria Wild

Not just a human doll. A business graduate proficient in four languages.

Victoria Wild isn't your average human Barbie, because as much as she adored the "blonde and the beautiful" doll, her small breasts weren't exactly what she craved to attain. She aimed for bigger breasts, so she underwent breast augmentation four times.

"I had small breasts, and I wanted it to be bigger. So I started my transformation journey with breast augmentation," says Victoria. Ever since, she's gone under the knife for rhinoplasty, lip fillers and implants, liposuction and buttock augmentation. With her current G-cup size breasts, she still wants to push for another breast augmentation. 

During her teenage days, Victoria looked nothing like how she looks now. "When I was a small girl I was fascinated with Barbies, and I wanted to be plastic. So as soon as I finished my school, I dyed my hair blonde, and people started calling me a Barbie because I was blonde, slim and my eyes are blue," says Victoria. "But I hated my small breasts," she adds.

Her biggest challenge was that she looked "too normal." "I was just basic, like everyone around," she sighs. She took a leap into surgery at 27, and by 30 she had spent £30,000 worth of plastic surgery. "My goal was not just to look like a Barbie doll but become more sexy, a sex bomb!" she exclaims. She says that many people were shocked by her transformation. "My friends could not recognize me anymore, but now they are starting to accept me this way because this is the life I chose. I don't want to be normal," Victoria adds. 

Born and brought up in Latvia, Victoria now juggles her time between Italy and France. She's a business graduate, so she says that all her surgeries and enhancements are investments. 

"When I studied in my university, my professor always said that we needed to invest somewhere to achieve success. So I decided to invest all in myself. My body is my business, but my large breasts and lips are marketing," she explains. Her investments include frequent visits to beauty salons and spas. Here is the breakdown:

"Just for my beauty procedures, hairdresser and spa I spend € 3000-5000 a month. Makeup and clothes are other additional expenses, and for my plastic surgeries so far I have spent about €100k approximately," shares Victoria. Besides these, she ensures to hit the gym four times a week. 

When asked if she's under any pressure to look perfect on a daily basis, she promptly says; "No. That is the reason why I did these plastic surgeries. To always look good!"

Victoria believes that plastic surgery is anyway a necessity these days since it's not enough to be a "basic beauty." She strives to be extreme and outrageous. 

"I love the attention I get now. Men adore me. They look at me and say oh lala... what a babe, big boobs, marry me," she laughs. In her social media bio, she states that she is a model and a TV personality. In the interview, she mentions that she is professionally a fashion designer and is fluent in four languages; Latvian, Russian, English and Italian.