Hulu's 'Into the Dark' drops a spooky first episode trailer in time for Halloween

Hulu has released the trailer for its first episode of 'Into the Dark' series titled 'The Body' starring Tom Bateman.

                            Hulu's 'Into the Dark' drops a spooky first episode trailer in time for Halloween

It’s officially Halloween and Hulu in partnership with Blumhouse television is bringing a new horror anthology to town. The anthology series is titled, ‘Into the Dark’ and according to the Pastemagazine, the series has 12 standalone episodes connected to each other by means of one narrative, a lot like Netflix’s 'Black Mirror'. Each of these episodes will be released over a span of twelve months, each inspired by a holiday.

The trailer of the first episode, ‘The Body’ has been released and is expected to air on Friday, October 5, 2018. As per IGN’s quote by Hulu, ‘The Body’ centers on "a sophisticated hitman with a cynical view on modern society who finds his work made more difficult when he has to transport a body on Halloween night, but everyone is enamored by what they think is his killer costume."



Tom Bateman, of ‘Da Vinci’s Demon’ fame stars as a hitman named Wilkes, who is mistaken as a regular person celebrating Halloween while dragging a corpse through Los Angeles. Rebecca Rittenhouse, of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale' fame, co-stars in the episode as Maggie. According to the trailer, she is the only character to see through Wilkes' reality.  Along with Tom and Rebecca, Aurora Perrineau, David Hull, and Ray Santiago star in the series' first episode.

After 'The Body', the next episode is Thanksgiving-based 'Flesh and Blood'