Hulu's 'Into The Dark': Unmasking horrors and the Halloween selfie culture

The horror anthology from Blumhouse TV and Hulu premieres this Friday, October 5th and from the looks of it, we are in for a special night of terror.

                            Hulu's 'Into The Dark': Unmasking horrors and the Halloween selfie culture

We're super excited about Hulu's 'Into The Dark'. The horror anthology premiered this Friday, October 5th and we were  in for a special trick or treat! The anthology horror series centers around one story each month - which means it definitelys pack a punch. The first story Blumhouse TV and Hulu blessed us with is called 'The Body' which is set in "the selfie culture of Los Angeles on Halloween night" and follows "a sophisticated, overconfident hitman who always carries out his work in style,"  says the synopsis.

It stars Tom Bateman as Wilkes, Rebecca Rittenhouse as Maggie, Aurora Perrineau as Dorothy, David Hull as Allan, Ray Santiago as Jack, Harvey Guillen as Nick and Max Adler as Officer Freer among others. 

What you must know about 'Into the Dark' is that the anthology horror covers each season based on a festival, and arriving right in time for Halloween, 'The Body' looks like a gruesome twist to the self-referential genre. It follows the story of Wilkes, a sophisticated hitman tasked with the responsibility of moving a dead body on Halloween night. But things go not-so-according to plan when he accidentally stumbles upon a Hollywood party.

Written by Paul Davis and Paul Fischer, 'The Body' was initially made as a short film by the same writers back in 2013. In the film, Alfie Allen - who's most famous for playing the role of Theon Greyjoy on 'Game of Thrones' - played the role of the hitman. This time around, Bateman stars as the hitman, alongside Rittenhouse as a "feisty, intelligent woman" who seems to be quite taken with Wilkes' intelligence. Paul Davis serves as the director of the series that will feature one stand-alone episode a month - centering around a famous holiday within the month it's releasing.